Monday, February 05, 2007

The Chosen One

So I'm going to geek out here for a second, and if it lowers your opinion of me, so be it. I'll deal with the consequences, especially since I'm sure most of you already know I'm a super geek.

I am not a comic book nerd. I think I read one comic book when I was about twelve years old. And I don't even know if it can really count, because it was a "New Kids On the Block" comic book. Yes, that's right. All about the adventures of Danny, Jonathan, Jordan, Joey and Donnie (you'll be happy I actually only remembered three of those names and had to look up the other two). And they weren't even superheroes or anything. It was a just lame attempt to get money from retarded teenage (or preteen, in my case) girls. And it worked. I still remember the damn cover of that comic book, though I'll spare you the details.

The point is, I'm not the kind of person who geeks out over the first edition of Superman. I will not go to a comic book convention. But I like the X-Men movies. I am a religious watcher of Battlestar Galactica, though we (meaning Christine, Peg and I) didn't start watching until halfway through the first season. The show fracking rocks (and if you get that reference, then we are kindred spirits and I love you). It is not a show about space. It's a show about humanity, even though half the major characters aren't even human. It's about freedom and redemption and love and loss and all of those things, and it is just plain good.

I do not watch Farscape or either of the two Stargate shows (I only recently learned there are two anyway--Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis). Despite my love for Battlestar, I am pretty thorougly convinced that I would not enjoy those other shows, because I believe they rely too heavily on "space action" and not enough on actual human drama. I may be wrong. They may be great. But I've got enough to watch anyway, and watching more sci-fi isn't going to make anyone believe me when I say I'm not even really a sci-fi fan. I did watch Firefly (though not until it was out on DVD), which was a show created by the Buffy creator, Joss Whedon. And I've seen Serenity, which is the movie follow-up to the short-lived television show. Both are really good.

Which brings me to my point, which is all about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When all is said and done, and all that I will ever do has been done, I know that Buffy will be what I list as my all-time favorite television show. For Buffy fans like me, I think it goes without saying that I include only the first five seasons, as well as "Tabula Rasa" and "Once More, With Feeling" from season six, when I refer to the show being awesome. Most of season six and definitely all of season seven are dead to me. They ruined that show after season five, and it's still thoroughly depressing to think about.

About a year ago I got Christine to start watching Buffy. We have a lot of things on our plates, and it's hard to sit down and watch an old show when we have so many newer ones on the TiVo, so she only made it through the first season (thirteen episodes) and the first episode of season two. However, in the last week, she has watched 32 episodes. And I've watched every one with her like I was watching it for the first time.

Maybe it's too much to expect you to understand if you've never watched the show. But if I could get everyone to sit down and watch the first 100 episodes, I think the world would be a better place. I don't have an all encompassing research paper detailing why I love Buffy (though, believe me, there are plenty of academic papers and books written about the show; search Amazon--you'll be amazed). I just know that I love it and know that everyone who gives it a chance ends up loving it, too (you should all bear in mind that I made fun of my friends who watched it during the first season, until I finally broke down in season two; we can all be converted). If you liked My So-Called Life (which is a very, very close second to Buffy in my world), you should love Buffy. It's MSCL, but with vampires, and just as good. If you were to sit down and let me show you "The Body" (season five), "Hush" (season four), "The Wish" (season three), "Doppelgangland" (season three), or "Becoming: Parts I and II" (season two), or any one of my other favorites, I'm certain you would agree.

I guess this is kind of a dumb blog. But watching these episodes again with Christine has just reminded me all over again why I love this show. Next up is probably Felicity or Sports Night, so maybe you'll have to deal with me declaring my love for those shows. But they won't replace my number one. I love them, and they're in my top ten of all time, but they're not Buffy.


paharris said...

since i've finally been invited to this world i will say hello and yay buffy. though i thought the point of this blog was going to be to talk about the upcoming continuation of the series by joss whedon in comic book form. will you read it?

Liz said...

Erin - I know that we are kindred souls because I knew what this post was going to be about from the title alone. I love you because you were a large a large part of the reason I started watching the show in season 4 and got hooked and immediately mainlined everything else as fast as I possibly could.