Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One more...

I posted this on the Chicks' website, since there were a few people wasting their time writing negative things about the ladies. I had to shut them up and, though it's bit redundant, I thought I should post what I wrote. Sorry for the Chicks overload, but it's important to me, so where else would I put it but on my own blog?

Even if every voter who chose the Chicks chose them based on political reasons, the (as Led Zeppelin would say) "song remains the same." The album is amazing and if it had been released without controversy, I think it would have won the same Grammys along with some CMAs. Of course, without the controversy, this fabulous album would not have been made, so I'll take this ridiculous fight any day.

Just for the record, Grammys are not based on album sales or radio airplay. An album can be the best country album based solely on its merits as good country music. I know, I know. Quite a shocking development. You want proof? Check out the last two winners of the Grammy for Best Country Album. They are Loretta Lynn for "Van Lear Rose" and Allison Krauss for "Lonely Runs Both Ways." How many songs from either of those albums did you hear on country radio? I'll venture a guess and say that you heard none. And yet, you can't even try to tell me that those two albums were not prime examples of great country music. Are you going to deny that Loretta Lynn is the ultimate country singer? Or that Allison Krauss is queen of bluegrass? I don't think so.

Good music comes from something real, and sometimes that "something real" doesn't always work for everyone. You want simple music without an ounce of subtext, irony or quality? Go listen to Toby Keith. No one's forcing you to come to a website devoted to the Dixie Chicks. The rest of us will be glad to keep them all to ourselves.

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christine said...

I'm proud to be from the same state as these girls. This album's music and lyrics will stand the test of time and I am glad it has been recognized as such.