Thursday, August 28, 2008


It is hard to be a Dodger fan right now.  As I type this, they are down 8-2 in the eighth inning.  To the Nationals.  Who are about to sweep the Dodgers.  Yes.  Read that again.  I'll wait.

Got it?  I'm not going to recap what happened last night or tonight.  The Dodgers lost.  They have now made sure that, even with a sweep of the Diamondbacks this weekend (ha!), they will not take first place in the west, because they will soon be 3.5 games back.  I don't know about you, but I'm almost hoping Arizona sweeps.  That way, this team can stop teasing us by getting so damn close only to just seem to completely stop trying. And this time, Jeff Kent, you can't blame it on the kids.  You're not showing up, either, my friend.

The Sox, meanwhile, lost to the Yankees in the final game of the series.  That's the worst way to win a series, if you ask me.  If you're going to lose one of the games, lose the first one or the middle one.  That way, you go out on a high note.  Don't lose the last one.  And definitely don't lose it after you get 6.2 innings of one-run baseball from your young pitcher, who has essentially been the ace this season.  And don't lose the game entirely to Jason Giambi, who drove in all three runs, including the game winner with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth.  Ugh.

Still, though, at least they won the series.  They leave New York and head home, having pretty much dashed New York's playoff hopes.  Now we'll have to see how the Sox play against a legitimate playoff team.  It's one thing to beat up on the Yankees this year; now we have to prove we can have a successful series against a good team.  Get to it, boys.

Hold on.  A two-out single in the top of the eighth for James Loney.  I'm putting on my rally cap.  Correct me on the rules of baseball, though: Casey Blake can drive in seven runs with one swing here, right?


Orel said...

Well, it's eight straight losses and we're 1.5 games away from third place. Dodger fans are officially gluttons for punishment now.

berkowit28 said...

Actually, it's been a whole week since then and the Dodgers have now won five straight. Not embarrassing at all. It seems peculiar to keep seeing putdown this every time I check back here. Busy with other things, I guess.

Erin said...

It being a week after the fact doesn't make last week any less embarrassing.

Josh Featherstone said...
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