Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun With Drunks

So, at the Phillies/Dodgers game on Tuesday night, there was a little activity in my section (field level 45) that was mostly unrelated to what happened on the field. All game, there had been this group of Phillies' fans sitting two rows in front of me. There were about seven or eight of them, but one guy really stood out, because in the first inning, I looked at him and said to my friends, "Geez, look how drunk this guy is already."

Every time I looked over, the guy had a new beer in his hand. I don't remember ever seeing him leave, so I guess someone was providing him with his sustenance. He had plenty of alcohol in him all night, believe me. He had trouble staying in his seat, meaning that people had to yell at him to sit down at various times. He kept chanting (mostly to himself), "What do we think about Manny? He's a bum!" No one was really bothered by him for most of the game, since all he was doing was providing entertainment.

But at some point, things turned. He started to get louder and more abrasive, and he was wearing on people's last nerves. I have no problem with the fans of the opposing teams coming and cheering at Dodger Stadium. It makes things more interesting, and no one should be berated or pelted with objects just because they happen to not be rooting for the Dodgers. But this guy was going above and beyond. A beach ball came into our section, and a few people took the opportunity to take aim at Drunk Philly Phan. He welcomed it, and hit the ball back. A few peanuts were thrown, and he kept asking for more.

At one point, a few guys in the next section over (Drunk Philly Phan's reach was quite impressive) started a "Shut up, stupid" chant, and the guy just continued to love it. He then inexplicably dumped his own beer on his head, then had his girlfriend and some other girl with him take pictures of it. I assumed it was so he could show his friends later what the asshole Dodger fans had done to him. One guy near me picked up his cup of nacho cheese to throw it, but his girlfriend stopped him before he let it fly. Too bad. I was ready to take a little splatter if that guy could ensure a hit on Drunk Philly Phan. That's how annoying this dude was.

And then came the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed at Dodger Stadium. Picture this: bottom of the ninth inning. Martin has just been hit by a pitch and advanced to second by James Loney. Andre Ethier has stepped to the plate. Just as he does, a few gentleman in uniform stop by our section.

I documented it in all its glory, and I am presenting it to you here. Just enjoy (and remember to click to make the pictures larger).


Orel said...

Sometimes living in a cosmopolitan city has its disadvantages.

Gonzo said...

if this happened in Philly and that was a fan of the Dodgers, he woulda been pounded on by the 2nd inning. then tossed out soon after. and yes, that's a typical Phillies fan, I'm sorry to say.