Thursday, August 21, 2008

Golden Girls

I bet you think I wasn't paying attention to women's soccer in the Olympics, since I haven't mentioned it. Well, you're wrong. I've been watching. And I've been amazed.

This team wasn't supposed to do much after Abby Wambach broke her leg about three weeks before the start of the games. And then they lost their first game in pool play against Norway, and things looked bleak. But they fought on, and made it to the semifinals, then on to the gold medal game against Brazil.

Without Wambach, it was hard to see the U.S. winning the gold medal against a tough Brazilian team. But after the first 90 minutes of the game, the U.S. had held off the speedy Brazilians and kept it a 0-0 tie. I taped this whole thing, woke up about an hour after it had ended, and got to watching. I watched the entire first half without fast forwarding, but I couldn't take it in the second half, and I had to speed through it.

Five minutes into the 30-minute extra time (which is not sudden death), some nice footwork at the top of the box from Rodriguez gave Carly Lloyd the ball, and she took advantage, slicing a nice ball to the far post. It went through the hands of the Brazilian goalkeeper, and the U.S. had a 1-0 lead. They held off the Brazilians for the next 25 minutes, and right now I'm watching them accept their goal medals, and listening to Brandi Chastain (one of the commentators) choke up.

I've mentioned before what the women's team meant to be back in 1999 in that incredible World Cup, and it's always a joy to see the success continue. I love to watch, and it's especially exciting to see them kick ass when it's the most unexpected.

Oh, and the Dodgers and Red Sox both lost last night. Buchholz once again performed miserably, and as a result, he was sent back down to Triple-A. I want to feel sorry for the kid, but I just can't. I think it might be that he's so damn creepy looking, and has a creepy Penthouse girlfriend (wonder if she'll stick around now that you're sucking in the big leagues, buddy. I kinda doubt it). I can't think of him as some cute little kid that plays for my team. He also just appears to be a sad sack out there on the mound when things aren't going his way. Suck it up and pitch, Clay. I would hope not to see you back in two weeks with the September call-ups, but I guess that's probably likely.

I'll be leaving the house in about an hour to see the Dodgers try to salvage one game of the series. I'll be trying not to think about the fact that Arizona now has a two-game lead in the west. Arizona seems to know how to win when they need to (they went down 4-0 against Jake Peavy last night, but came back), whereas the Dodgers can't be bothered to beat the teams they should be beating (and committing four errors in a game certainly doesn't help you win). And their reward for that kind of play is a trip to Philadelphia. I wouldn't expect a four-game sweep this time around, boys.

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