Tuesday, August 12, 2008

West Side Story

I think I'm going to avoid writing individual game recaps on this new site. It's a little boring, so I'll just keep it simple and give you the basics, without the inning-by-inning details. We'll try a paragraph for each game. How's that?

Both teams won yesterday. The Dodgers picked up a half-game on the idle Diamondbacks, meaning that now just one game separates the two. They benefited from a six-run inning, all runs coming off of Kyle Kendrick, then added two more runs and held off the Philadelphia offense (barely, thanks to another harrowing inning from Jonathan Broxton) to win, 8-6. I'll be at tonight's game, so I hope the hitters didn't use it all up last night, because I'd like to see a few runs scored for Clayton Kershaw. The Dodgers will be facing Cole Hamels.

Boston didn't have a hit through one out in seventh inning, but they scored two runs in that inning, then added three more in the ninth to win, 5-1. Kevin Youkilis hit a one-run single in the seventh, Mike Lowell walked, then J.D. Drew doubled to score two runs and give the Sox the lead for good. Beckett was dominant, throwing eight innings, striking out eight and giving up one run on seven hits. He didn't walk anybody, and definitely deserved the win after that performance.

In an effort to shore up the rotation during Wakefield's stint on the DL, the Sox cut a deal with the Indians to pick up Paul Byrd, in exchange for a player to be named later or cash. Byrd's ERA and WHIP aren't particularly great, but he's done well since the break, so maybe he'll be dependable for the stretch run. I don't know enough about him to even speculate, so I won't. I do know that, with his crazy windup, he looks like he should be pitching in the 1920s or something. That's sort of cool.

Tonight's Sox game will feature a knuckleballer, though his name won't be Tim Wakefield. Instead, the Sox have called up Charlie Zink to pitch against the Rangers. Should be interesting.

In other news, I was at Subway today and watched the paparazzi chase Lindsay Lohan out of the Bagel Broker, which is (presumably) a bagel shop next to my Subway.

Also, I witnessed a UPS truck driver stop to allow a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier cross the street in front of him. I love America.

Finally, I told you I went on the tour of Dodger Stadium on Sunday. Well, I have the pictures to prove it. Enjoy!

1981 World Series trophy.

Door to the Dodgers' clubhouse.

View from the Dodger dugout.

View from the top deck. How gorgeous is that?

Me in the dugout, showing my pride.


Orel said...

You look hardcore there. Who are you representin'?

Erin said...

West side, baby! I don't know. It's the only gang sign I know. I would have needed both hands to do the "L.A." sign, and that just didn't seem hardcore enough.

QuadSevens said...

Nice photos from your tour Erin. That looks like it would be a lot of fun to see. Much different than just going for a game.

Your "Westside" pic reminded me of a funny video. Hope you enjoy it.


Erin said...

That video is hilarious. I've never actually thrown a gang sign before in a picture, and I actually had to confirm before the picture that I was doing it correctly. But it seemed to make sense for the setting.

QuadSevens said...

I like that you fully committed to it. Just like the video says, it works. =)