Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sox Get Some Outfield Depth

J.D. Drew went on the disabled list (shocker) with a bad back on Tuesday, and on Wednesday the Red Sox finalized a deal with the Atlanta Braves to get outfielder Mark Kotsay. The Sox gave up a Class A outfield named Luis Sumoza in the deal.

Seems like a good move to me. Kotsay is a decent hitter, though he doesn't have any power (six home runs). I don't know if Drew will be back once he's eligible, so getting Kotsay gives the Sox at least a little bit of insurance. Not much of a downside.

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Bruce Paine said...

Hey, I'm on vacation here. Jimminey Christmas, bustin a guys balls when he is on vacation a thousand miles from his computer and trying to visit family and friends and eat at all of his places and see the old haunts and try to have a little fun and sleep in a little bit and rehab a stiff case of homesickness and not worry about this and that play with his nieces and nephews and get a haircut and wash the truck and clean his guns and read a book or something. The nerve of you westcoasters.