Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Fun

Not a good weekend for the Red Sox. Friday night's game was rained out, then they lost 4-1 on Saturday and 15-4 on Sunday. I didn't see either game, so I have no insight. Josh Beckett apparently sucked, since he gave up eight of the runs. The only bright spot was Pedroia's second home run in as many games. The Sox now have only a half-game lead in the wild card, and they are 4.5 games back in the east.

So let's move on to better things, shall we? The Dodgers had a much more productive weekend, winning two of three from the Brewers. Chad Billingsley won on Friday night, though he (as usual) started slowly. After giving up two runs on two hits in the first, then one run on two hits in the second, he settled down and only let the Brewers get one more hit over the next six innings. This gave the Dodgers a chance to get back in the game, and they certainly took the opportunity and ran with it.

Ramirez drove in one on a single in the second, Blake homered in the fourth to tie the game, then Kent singled in the go-ahead run in the fifth. Russell Martin added an insurance run in the eighth to make it 5-3, and the Dodgers won. A three-run lead three weeks ago seemed insurmountable for this team, but no longer.

I was at the game on Saturday, and it was very exciting, though the outcome wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. The Brewers made some amazing defensive plays that changed the outcome of the game, and kept the Dodgers from getting the win. One in particular came in the seventh inning, when Martin hit a sure home run to left field, which would have given the Dodgers a 3-1 lead. Kapler went back on the ball, then fell into the stands to make the catch and rob Martin. The craziest part about this is that it happened literally six seats away from me. Every other person in the section was standing up, except for the two people who were nearest to the ball. They didn't move, and did not try for it at all, making it a fairly easy catch for Kapler. Losers. Sons of Steve Garvey were kind enough to get a freeze frame for me, and you can watch the video here.

The yellow arrow points to me. The red arrow points to
the two who just sat there. I know it's small.

So, Martin missed the chance to give the Dodgers a two-run lead. Kuo came in to pitch the eighth inning (after seven strong from Lowe) and gave up a leadoff double. After a fly out, J.J. Hardy homered to left field, and the Brewers had a 3-2 lead. The roller coaster continued in the ninth, when Ethier led off with a walk, Kent reached on an error by Hardy on what should have been a double play, and Ramirez hit a sac fly to right to tie the game. The Dodgers couldn't take the lead, and in the tenth, Broxton came in and got the first two outs before walking Durham, letting him steal second, then giving up a single to Hardy that gave the Brewers the lead.

With one out in the tenth, Kemp singled to center, then Ethier hit a ball deep to center. The ball missed going out by inches, and because he was worried about the ball being caught (which it nearly was), Kemp only advanced to second. Ethier had the world's longest single. Kent lined out, Ramirez struck out, and the game ended with the Brewers winning, 4-3.

I'll write about Sunday's game in the next post, but for now let's look at some pictures (and my first attempt at my own video on this site!) from fireworks night at Dodger Stadium. We were allowed down onto the field to enjoy the show, which was just amazing. After the show, we (meaning me, the girlfriend and another friend, Irec) played a little catch, at one point throwing it around with a little boy (maybe nine years old) who really wanted to play, and then left on a high despite the loss.

The video is a bit long, but I think it's worth it. Ignore the part where I turned the camera on its end. The video is a little darker after the upload than it looked on my camera and on Quicktime, but the finale still looks good. Fifteen seconds in, listen closely and you'll hear me singing along, loudly, with everyone's favorite Lee Greenwood song (I have a better voice than that--singing along there was meant to be slightly ironic). Irec starts the "U.S.A.!" chant.

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