Thursday, September 04, 2008

Busy Busy

I am in Idaho.  I have a hard time watching any games up here. But I am playing with my baby cousins and hanging out by the pool.  The Dodgers are winning.  The Red Sox are winning.  Life is good.  More to come very soon.  Sorry for the delay.


Orel said...

Dodgers 6, D'backs 0, bot 7. Hope you make it back soon!

Bruce Paine said...

So, is a post a week going to be your cruising altitude for the next little bit or what? Idaho must be real engrossing. I seem to remember catching some Hell last time I went on vacation. Crap, I am a clinically depressed, rejectionist with self-destructive tendencies and mild case of diabetes but I can still beat a post a week. Hell, we were rioting in the streets over in St Paula and getting gassed and thrown in jail and i beat a post a week. Sheesh.

Steve Sax said...


Just in case you didn't see, I got you clued into Off-Day Puzzle #12. Enjoy

SoSG Sax