Thursday, September 25, 2008

Has It Really Been Three Weeks?

All right, here we go. Today is the day I decide to get back into the action, and it also happens to be the day that the Dodgers clinched the N.L. West, thanks to a Diamondbacks' loss. I'll be at the game tonight, the final regular season home game, and I can't wait to enjoy the party. Today I purchased tickets to game three of the divisional series, and I can't wait for playoff baseball.

There is so much to say about the Dodgers' season, but it's been three weeks since I last wrote, and I just don't have the time or energy to get into all the details. The Dodgers are the champions because they got hot at the right time, and Arizona finally showed that they weren't really that great to begin with. That's all it took, and anything can happen in the playoffs.

Let's talk Red Sox. They're most likely going to the playoffs as the Wild Card from the American League, barring a mini collapse from the Tampa Bay Rays. The unfortunate thing is that means the first round opponent will be the Angels. I hate them, and I really don't want to see the Sox play them. But, it wouldn't be the first time the two have met in the first round in recent years (2004 and 2007) come to mind, and things turned out all right for the Red Sox. So, I'll try to remain optimistic.

The final weekend of the season will be interesting, but only because we still don't know who the Dodgers' first round opponent is. It could be the Cubs, Phillies or Mets, and I'd be okay with anyone but the Cubs. I think the Dodgers could beat them, but I still don't really want to see them play in the first round. I'm praying for the Mets, because I'd love to see the Dodgers attack that bullpen. But I guess that could end up being a case of "be careful what you wish for." It will be an exciting weekend, especially with the possibility of inclement weather on the east coast. Should be entertaining, which is exactly how the final weekend should be.

One more thing--on Facebook, a friend of a friend started a group called "Vaginas for Obama." The reasoning behind it, as far as I can tell, is that women vote with their vaginas, and our vaginas like Obama. With McCain's selection of Palin, I like to think the slogan serves to indicate that McCain will not be getting my vote just because he chose a running mate who happens to have a vagina. I bought a button-making machine, and I started making buttons (they're 1") with the group's name. Want one? I'll send it to you. Seriously. Just email me.

So much more to talk about here, but I'm getting ready to head to the game tonight, and tomorrow I'm heading to Disneyland with my parents. But don't worry--you won't have to wait three weeks until you hear from me again. I promise.

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Josh Featherstone said... shouldn't hate Yankees fans, we all aren't assholes, in fact none of us are assholes, we just come off that way to ignorant Boston fans

I'm not trying to get off on the wrong foot here, 2 of my best friends love the Sox just like I love the Yanks, so I can agree to disagree.

Something I can appriciate, a girl who knows her baseball. Not just her favorite team or her hometown team, who knows baseball.

Hate to say it but you sound like every other Sox fan about them playing the Angels in the first round. True the Sox beat them in '04 and '07 and went on to win the World Series, but this is a different L.A. team. They added Torii Hunter and Mark Texera, both of whom have big bats in key situations, and now there closer is the best in baseball. It will be an intresting series.

The mini-collapse the Sox were hoping for was taking place. The Rays were 0-2 with their chances to wrap up the east. But who clintched the division title for Tampa? THE YANKESS. In Fenway, no less. Don't talk to me about it was going to rain, so papi and Dice-k didn't play, because who is to say they would have won if they did play? The Yanks were without Jeter, so those questions are put to rest.

And finally, everyone hates the Yankees and their fans. We understand, because all the other fans want to be like us, we know deep down they envy us. All the greats (minus Ted Williams and Hank Aaron) donned the pinstripes. We've won 26 World Series, no other team comes close. Say what you will, you have to admitt the Yankees are one of the most classy orgainzations in MLB.

True we are 0-2 in World Series since we won our last in 2000, and we will go winless until we solve our starting pitching. It's been decent, at best, the past five years, we need an asnwer, but its hard to find.