Monday, October 06, 2008

Am I A Hypocrite?

I started this as a comment in response to another anonymous comment on the last post, but it got too long. So, here you go.

(in response to "anonymous #2")

I don't know why I'm even bothering, but here goes...

Times are not "desperate." Once again, in the original post, I said I wouldn't spend any more money on the Dodgers this season until the situation was resolved, and I meant it. The last thing I bought was my Division Champs hat, and that was about two hours before the security incident. The playoff tickets were purchased a few days before the incident. I'll show you the StubHub receipt if you'd like.

None of this means I can't still be a fan. The players weren't a part of the security problem, and I still love my team. But I have issues with the way the stadium is being run, and I'm taking a stand.

I would say that everything I said other than my correction of the other guy's spelling is what defends me. I think I "got him" by showing that his argument doesn't make any sense. The spelling correction was just icing on the cake. The guy made a bunch of bogus points that prove he didn't actually read what I had written, and here you come to agree and prove your own stupidity. Excellent job all around.

Anyway, yeah. I picked the Cubs and Angels. And I also said that I hoped to be wrong. Turns out I will be at least 50% wrong on that one. And thank God. I think you'll find I wasn't the only one in the world who picked the Cubs. You're really getting in a zinger by bashing a playoff prediction that I made reluctantly. You sure got me there, buddy. But I'm sure you had the Dodgers sweeping Chicago. You seem like the type who is always right.

I allow anonymous comments on this site because I don't want to force people to register. But it seems the only ones coming through without names are the cowards saying asinine things. So maybe I'll be rethinking my position on that.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. I guess I should be grateful for the readers, even if many of you seem to not be doing any actual reading before going on a rampage against me. But I like the page counts nonetheless. Keep 'em coming.

Anyone out there (besides Orel, maybe) on my side on this? Do I seem hypocritical because I went to a game after I had already spent $225 on tickets? Should I have just given Frank McCourt that money and watched the game from my living room? I'll admit I had to pay for parking at the game (though the money technically didn't come from my bank account), but that was a necessity in order to not waste the other $225. I haven't purchased another ticket, and as much as I would kill to go to the World Series, should there be one played at Dodger Stadium, I won't be ponying up for one of those tickets. And I won't be buying tickets for next season. So I think I'm sticking to my guns pretty well here, don't you?


Bruce Paine said...

I think you are doing a fine job doing exactly what you said you would do in your original post. I always think its great when dumbasses jump onto a post, read the first five sentences, then take a ridiculous stance and start throwing out dumb like they are waxing philosophically. It always reminds me that there ARE people who buy their furniture RTO.

I never thought the Dodgers would be able to sweep the Cubs. I didn't think anybody could sweep them. Beat them, yes. Sweep them...

Orel said...

You are not a hypocrite. And as far as I'm concerned, you're good to go to the World Series.

Next year will be the hard part.