Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's About Time...

...that some Republicans figured it out. This came on the heels of Christopher Buckley's resignation from the National Review, which makes it all the more awesome.

I'm sure you've seen this video clip by now, but just in case, here it is. I've always respected Colin Powell, and now I have even more reason to do so. Excellent job, sir.


dad said...

I am scared for this country and the direction we are going. regardless of who might win this election. the president has little to do with what really happens day to day, he is just 1 of 546 idiots (i included the supreme court justices because of the laws they write in rulings) buying the votes of the masses with handouts and crappy policies. I am sorry you think obama can really help by handing out my money to those who don't pay any taxes.

Bruce Paine said...

Sounds like the old man has a brain. I think if I hadn't already sent my absentee ballot in I may have voted for dad. I don't think Obama offers any real hope of beneficial change, either. I really don't think he provides much foresight, either. I also think that calling Colin Powell a Republican is a representation of the public's inability to discern the important parts of the scam as what they are. I think Dad is on the right track. The firmament of this country is falling away under the notion that someone fails, everyone is responsible. That is horseshit. If you can't afford a house, that doesn't mean I owe you one. If you can't afford health insurance, that doesn't mean I owe it to you. If you buy a house you can't afford or invest in businesses run by robber-barons, that doesn't mean I have to help when they steal your money. The idea of American Entitlement is poisoning our country. You don't get Happiness, you get the pursuit of it. You don't get the dream, you get a system that allows you to earn it. Luxury in this country has come too easy for too long. Real ownership, the bought and paid for kind that capitalism and freedom are built on, hardly exists now. People own very little. Sure, you bought that giant TV that you really didn't need but the credit card company is really the one that bought it, you just exchanged debt for possession. Same goes for that 6,000 square foot boondoggle with the attached garage that you can't afford anymore. How is that going? Some broad backed into my pick up (which gets 29 mpg) with her Escalade the other day because she was too busy jawing on her Blackberry to realize that the spot she was pulling into was occupied by A PARKED TRUCK. Combat brigades are being stationed in full kit on domestic soil because the government fears civil unrest and yet there are people who don't understand that this is specifically why the Constitution gives the public the right to bear arms. THINGS GET WORSE EVERY DAY.

Erin said...

I'm sure my father will be glad to have your support.

I called Colin Powell a Republican because that's how he identifies himself.

As for the rest of it, yeah, there's a lot of shit wrong in this country. But until some more people join in on the revolution, I have to do what I can to bring about change, in whatever way I see possible. The two party system means I have two choices. I will not vote for McCain because I will not vote to have my own rights taken away. At least with Obama, that is not the case.

I think saying that you're paying for someone who can't afford health insurance, and all the other stuff, is a simplistic way of looking at things. I believe in helping those who are working to help themselves, but who still haven't managed to get to the point where they can afford something like health insurance, for whatever reason. I don't care if it means I pay more taxes. If someone is making a good faith effort to educate themselves, to make a better life in this country, but they have no insurance (the cost of medical care is outrageous, but that's another issue entirely) and get cancer, I can't believe that there are so many Americans out there who would say the wouldn't want to help that person. And if the Republicans and whomever else would still deny that person some help, then I don't know what to do with that mentality.

Call me a Communist or a Socialist or whatever. I don't know enough about economic policies to really put up a good fight about all this. But I do know that I'm not inferior. And I will not vote for the man (and political party) who believes I am.

Bruce Paine said...

To frame things, let me add that I don't have health insurance. I have never been able to afford it. Despite a bachelors degree I have never been able to find employment that either offers me health benefits or a salary large enough to remove me from a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Not only that, but in the 11 years I have been on my own, I have been working labor jobs that put my physical situation in jeopardy. I have never collected unemployment. Given all of that, I still have no interest in government health care. I would hazard a guess that I am as in tune with socialistic or communistic habits as any of your readers given my rural background, and i will still rail against socialized health care until my last breath. Asking the government to control a universal health care system, or a welfare system, or anything like that is a ridiculous notion. I will not accept the government taking $15 of my dollars and letting them hand out health care because it is too dangerous. If you cannot conceive of the dangers you must think harder. Do I want old people to be taken care of? Certainly. Should the sick or injured be taken care of? Certainly. Should a crack addict in rehab be given methadone on my dollar? Should an illegal alien who invaded our border and worked a job without paying taxes and got injured in a traffic accident be mended on my dime? Is obesity a disease, is alcoholism or sex addition? Will it give free health care to people on welfare who don't work and haven't worked for an extended period of time? Will this universal health care give free rubbers to teenage boys? Will it pay for abstinence education? Can a woman receive and abortion through social health care? In a world with welfare health care who gets to make those determinations? The government does. Are they going to spend it right? What happens if my tax dollars get spent out of proportion to the population of my state? What if that is done as the result of political gerrymandering? If my tax dollars bought an abortion in California, or wasted one penny on "abstinence education" or gave one Advil to some lazy sumbitch who won't work while I wait in an emergency room full of bums with "heart palpitations" just looking for a place to get warm while my dislocated shoulder spends more and more time out of socket then I am going to stop working and paying taxes. At that point, the federal welfare state would be far more profitable for me than what I have now. Saying that we should give everybody health care is really simple to say, as well. Making it happen in a reasonable fashion on a federal level is a boondoggle the likes of which I don't want to participate in. I don't want to give free health care to everyone because I don't think everyone deserves it or would act responsibly if given access to it.

Cobra said...

I purposely waited for this post to get off of the front page of the site before commenting.....

Bruce/Dad, I respectfully disagree with you. One person can make a difference. 1 out of 546 are not the worst odds mankind has seen. Are the odds high? Yes. But, I'm sure Paine can fill you with many historical references of a man, or a group of men, who overcome great obstacles to reach their goal. It happens and it must happen again. Is our country perfect? No. There are things that are always going to be wrong. Let me say that again. There are things that are always going to be wrong. There are things that we will always disagree with. The great thing about our country is that....you are allowed to disagree with those things. Actually, no, it's your right.

When the Great Depression came about, 38% of the wealth of this great nation was held by those in the top 1% of income earners. Today, that number is 40%. So, yes, in my opinion, the money needs to be redistributed. Wealth needs to be spread about. The government is at fault for allowing this to happen. The government must be the one to set it straight. They are the only one with the legal power to do so. People have to be put in place that can get this done morally and ethically. If it doesn't happen then those brigade will be needed to fend off looters and robbers as they steal to get what they want/need.

Those who have been living with below living wages need to be given a break. Those who haven't been able to afford health care, need to get it. There are expenses in this nation that can be cut to pay for these things. I just came from a government agency that wastes money at an astounding pace.

It may hurt at first, but it can be done. One man can do this because...and stay with me....one man quickly turns into two men and two men quickly turn into four....and so on.

Will there be those who cheat the system? Absolutely, but that's where you and I come in. We are the ground troops. We can not let this happen or else we will never reach that prosperous stage. The government works for the people but the people have to work for the people, too.

This is our nation. OUR NATION. If you don't like something, change it. If you feel like you are just one person and one person can't make a difference or cause change.....then you've given up. Don't give up, there is hope...sometimes it's just difficult to see.