Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Odds and Ends

It's really damn hot in Los Angeles right now. According to, it got to about 96 degrees in my neighborhood today. On October 22. That's just effed up. Not cool. It is 5:35pm right now, and apparently still 90 degrees outside. Yikes.

On to other matters. With regard to the issue involving the security guard at Dodger Stadium (you can read subsequent posts here and here), I'm seeing a little progress. Josh Rawitch, Vice President of Communications for the Dodgers, will be calling me either tomorrow or Friday to discuss the issue over the phone. According to Rawitch's most recent email, he has brought up the incident at the "highest levels of the team." That sounds good to me. I'll let you know how the phone call goes as soon as it happens.

Next. If you read the comment on my last post, you'd likely think that my father and I have big problems with each other. We don't. We do, however, disagree politically. Here's what I have to say on the matter--I'm not stupid. I don't believe that Obama will be the savior of the world. I recognize that, as much as George W. Bush has tried to persuade us to the contrary in the last eight years, the president does not hold all the power in the government. One man can't make all the difference.

That said, I do believe that Obama has a better shot at making appreciable change than does McCain. In fact, I don't believe McCain really cares about change at all. I'm not sure what he cares about, other than perhaps flying into rages and learning how to smile in a less creepy fashion (those experiments have obviously failed), but I don't think that the welfare of the regular citizens of this nation are high on his priority list. So, I would rather vote for the guy who actually seems to give a crap. And I'd also like to vote for the guy who doesn't want to make me a second class citizen. That's kind of important to me, as I tend to find myself as important as any other person in this nation, even if that other person happens to be a straight, white male. It's bad enough that Proposition 8 has a very good chance of passing here in California. If McCain wins on top of that, I really don't know what to do. When discrimination is written into state (and possibly federal) constitutions, does that count as grounds for political asylum in other nations?

Okay, on to the Hilary Duff PSA (one featuring Wanda Sykes is also out there) I posted last week. Bruce Paine asked how I feel about the topic in general. To begin, I can refer you to a fun little argument I had over at Tremendous Upside Potential. The post (and comments) that caused my rage can be found here, and my response on my own blog can be found here (after the baseball updates). In general, I think that people who use the word "gay" in a derogatory way may not believe they are causing harm, but they are. So once they know that, maybe they'll stop using the word. I can't say that I've never used the word in exactly this same manner, but I do my best to avoid it whenever possible. I just think there is already so much discrimination against gay people that every little bit we can get rid of is bound to help in the long run.

Oh yeah, there might have been some baseball played last week. What am I supposed to say about it? It was awesome to see the Red Sox put up a fight (something the Dodgers couldn't manage), and it was sad to see them go down to the Rays on Sunday. I was busy sitting in the audience for the final L.A. show of 9 to 5: The Musical, which, I must say, lessened the pain of Boston's loss quite a bit. Turns out Dolly Parton and Allison Janney can work magic together. If you find yourself in New York in April, check out the show on Broadway. It's worth it.

Anyway, baseball. The Rays were the better team--younger, fresher, and featuring far fewer injured players. They played better on Sunday when it mattered, and now they're losing to the Phillies in Game One of the World Series. I don't actually care who wins. I'll admit that it's on in the background right now, but I'll be changing the channel soon enough. ESPN will tell me the results later.

That's it for now, right? Have I missed something? Look for an update very soon on my conversation with Josh Rawitch.

It's less than two weeks until the election. The weekend after, I'm heading to Vegas for the weekend. I would like to get drunk and play craps to celebrate the election of our first African-American president. The beers just won't taste as good if I'm drinking because I'm wallowing in self-pity and the thought of a potential move to Canada. See what you can do about that, Obama.

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QuadSevens said...

No on Prop 8, Obama, and a trip to Vegas for beer and craps? Sounds like one hell of a week. If it wasn't for a wedding I'm in that weekend, we'd have all three things in common. Hope you have a great time in Vegas and win lots of money playing craps!