Sunday, October 05, 2008

Pretty Much the Most Awesome Thing Ever

I don't think I'm prepared to write about Saturday night's Dodger victory. I was there, the whole place was rocking, and it was a seriously great time to be a Dodger fan. I took 170 pictures, nineteen of which I will show you in the slide show below. More to follow, when I can get my wits about me and write something down. More pictures, too.

For now, since it's an hour and a half until game time, I have to say: Go Red Sox!!!

Oh, and bring on the Phillies!!

(click on the slideshow and it will take you to a site where you can view larger pictures)


Anonymous said...

Hey glad to see that you have given up on your principles and joined the Dodgers in spite of your "Personal Safety" still being in danger due to those terrible security guards atacking people at will, for no cause. What has it been two weeks since you vowed to never set foot in stadium again unless PUBLIC ENEMY MUNBER ONE was given his walking papers.
Well, the weather is fair and you are back in the stadium. I'm sure when Manny, Furcal and Lowe are gone after this postseason and the Dodgers are mired in a losing streak you will be the first one to critisize the organization.
I'm sure you poured out a little liquor in memory of your degenerate wall jumping pal, but the most awesome thing ever is how quickly you back tracked on your Ghandian quest for justice in fandome.
I thought you were kinda jerky when I read your original post and know I know you are totally jerky. Go Dodgers OR whatever other team that wins... The bandwagon has plenty o' room...

Erin said...

Nice to have a fan.

For the record, I said I would be going to this game because I had already gotten the tickets before the incident with the security guard happened. So, I wasn't going to just give Frank McCourt my money without getting some level of pleasure out of it.

In the original post, I said:

"I'm not going to games next year if this man is still employed by the stadium."


"I was planning on buying a season ticket package for next season. That won't happen now, unless I hear something about this man being fired for his actions..."

So, thanks for stopping by with your poorly spelled diatribe {surely you meant "NUMBER" and not "MUNBER," right?). I didn't backtrack on anything. I will not spend any more money on the Dodgers until this situation is resolved. That means that, despite the fact that I can afford more playoff tickets and could go to more since the Dodgers' run will continue, I won't be going. Period.

Nice of you to comment anonymously. Fun to berate people unnecessarily without even giving yourself a name, huh?

Oh, and fuck you.

Orel said...

"Oh, and fuck you."

That's all you really needed to say, Erin.

Erin said...

Yeah, I can be a bit long-winded at times.

To be fair, I was a little bit tipsy when I wrote all that, way back in the fifth inning or something in this long Red Sox game.

Anonymous said...

You know times are desperate Erin when the worst thing you can say to defend yourself is {surely you meant "NUMBER" and not "MUNBER," right?).
You REALLY got him with that one...
I agree with anonymous and what was the deal with you picking the Cubs to win the series originally??? Serious? Serious?
And the last line? Stay classy San Diego.

Mom said...

I must admit, I have never, ever made a comment on any post, but I really cannot help myself with regards to the post made by 'Anonymous'.
Are you the security guard in question? Because the only reason I can think as to why your diatribe would be so meaningless is if you were the security guard and are on unpaid leave from the Dodgers while the team and the police are investigating you and you and have nothing better to do than write such a useless comment on a site that has given both Dodger and Red Sox fans pure, useful information about the games, teams, fans and owners in a well-written way. (Run-on sentence I know, but had to get it all in in one breath).
I certainly don't like the bad language used, but in this case, I suspect you don't understand any other form of language.

Erin's loving MOM