Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Resolution...Sort Of

This may be somewhat anticlimactic for you all, but it's time for me to tell you what the conclusion is to my rants against security at Dodger Stadium.

Josh Rawitch, VP of Communications for the Dodgers, called me last Thursday afternoon. First of all, I have to be honest. 90% of this conversation was off the record, which means I got to hear some things I wanted to hear (and some I didn't), but you guys can't know about them. Trying to maintain that whole journalistic integrity thing, you know?

The gist of what I can tell you is this--the Dodgers go over all kinds of things in the postseason to see what they've done well, what they can improve upon, etc. A year in review kind of thing. Security is always a top priority, and this year is no different. The organization wants Dodger Stadium to be a safe place to visit, plain and simple. No one is saying it isn't a safe place overall (and according to Rawitch, on-field incidents and arrests have gone down considerably over the last several years), but the team still takes stories like mine very seriously, even if they are rare.

Now, Rawitch didn't tell me that they're going to fire the security guard in question. Even if they were going to, that wouldn't be his call to make. And while that was the request I made in the first post on this matter, I always knew it was a pretty unlikely ending to this saga. What I wanted was to be heard, and I think I accomplished that. I'm ending this knowing that my story was discussed at the highest levels of the Dodger organization, up to and including the McCourts. I don't think I was blown off; my blog doesn't get so many readers that the Dodgers have to worry about some PR nightmare due to my story, so, to me, the level of response I got makes me feel that this is an issue about which the team is genuinely concerned.

Yeah, so I'll be going back to Dodger Stadium next year. I'm making a 2009 season ticket deposit this week (not for a full season; I haven't decided how many games yet, but I want to make the deposit now) and I'll be there next year, rooting on the team. Because the bottom line is that I love Dodger Stadium. I love the team, I love going to the games. I have my issues with it, many of which I have discussed here, but I still love the place. And that means the organization and I have at least one thing in common. That's a start. Call me a sellout if you must; I'm fully expecting some more racist wisdom from some readers. That's cool. If you want to think I'm a hypocrite, you're welcome to that opinion. But I'm comfortable with what I've said and done here, so nothing you say will change my mind on that.

The thing is, someone is listening. And now they really know I'm paying attention. At the end of the conversation, Rawitch said, "Keep policing us," and I intend to do just that.

The picture of the security guard will stay up for a while longer, just because I still think the guy is a total asshat.

Oh, and I made a list today of all the things I want to write about on the blog, so be prepared for an onslaught of posts in the coming days. I am all over this mother.

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Orel said...

Welcome back, Erin! Your boycott always seemed more about the spirit than the letter of the law, and it's heartening your voice was heard.