Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yeah, My Hole Is Busy, Too

I recently joined this website called Sitemeter, which allows me to see details on who is visiting my blog. I get info like location, time of visit, which pages said visitor viewed, etc. I've become addicted to checking this data, which means that I spend more time obsessing over who's coming to my blog than I do actually updating the blog. Which would explain the decrease in readers over the last few months.

The best part about this is to see how people find my site. Most are directed here from other Dodger/sports blogs, but some find me through a Google search. I like to know what people are looking for when they end up on my page, because I can then imagine how disappointed they are when they find a cartoon robot and a chick with a grudge against baseball stadium security.

Some people seem to be genuinely interested in learning about how robots are used in the field of medicine. But there are stranger searches, to be sure. For instance, what in the world could the person in Bangalore, India, have been hoping to find when he/she searched "my hole is busy"? He/she was directed to this post, but didn't stick around long. It certainly must have been a letdown.

In fact, many of my readers (the last eleven, to be precise), according to Sitemeter, stay for approximately zero seconds. I would really like to know how that's even possible. If you come to my site, doesn't it at least take a second or two to look at it, realize that you would never in your life spend any time reading such a ridiculous blog, and then click away? Surely it's not possible to only spend zero seconds, and yet I'd say the majority of my "readers" do just that.

There's no point to any of this. But I'm going to try to post everyday now, mostly so that my friend Lee, who is in Iraq, has something to read (though I will say that Sitemeter hasn't shown me any visits from anyone in Anbar Province, so I have to wonder if Lee is even really reading) while stuck in the desert. Perhaps the more frequent posting will make people want to stay for at least one second the next time.

Want an update on the Dodger Stadium security situation? I talked to Josh Rawitch last Thursday. Come back tomorrow to find out more.

Oh, and please notice the new feature on the site. Look in the sidebar on the right, and you can see what I'm reading, and what I just finished reading. The excitement never ends around here.


Bruce Paine said...

Sometimes when I am surfing I hit the icons I have for four or five blogs I read just to see if he, she , you have posted. I might do that twice in an evening, so maybe that is how a person gets a hit for less than a second.

I know that my household is waiting with baited breath on your Security update.

Dad said...

I, like bruce, check the site anxiously looking for a new tidbit of fascinating information but don't stay long if you haven't added any new material. I can be fast, so less than a second would not be unheard of. I will keep checking and reading, but only when it is new, so keep updating please.

Orel said...

We had the same question. Someone suggested RSS feeds could account for many of the short visits.

Cobra said...

I am one of those RSS reader people.