Friday, November 07, 2008

Sin City

I know I owe you all a few things.  The Dodgers have made an offer to Manny Ramirez, players have filed for free agency all over the place, and I still have to post video and pictures from the rally on Wednesday night.

But you won't get any of that until Monday, because in two hours, I will be on the road to Las Vegas.  I will drink some, gamble some, and try to keep Prop 8 off my mind for roughly 48 hours, before coming back to California to fight the good fight.

I said a while ago that I wanted to be able to celebrate an Obama victory this weekend.  Well, I got my wish.  So I'm choosing to focus on hope.  Hope for tolerance in this country, for a better future, and for a lucky shooter at the craps table.

Wish me luck!

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Bruce Paine said...

Sometimes the reality of government kicks you in the nuts. i was heartbroken to discover that in the state of Indiana a write-in vote is not accepted if the candidate has not declared as a write in candidate. That was frustrating.

Perhaps not as frustrating as the realization that the constitution of a state can be amended by a simple majority vote, but frustrating none the less.

I may be wrong, but I am operating with the understanding that in most states a legislative body has to propose an amendment for the franchise to vote on. it is that way in Indiana. In California, it seems that a relatively small number of the electorate (8% of the voting registry from the last gubernatorial?) can completely circumvent the body politic's recognized authority (state government). What also shocks me is that Prop 8 has gotten so much support in a state that (for all intents and purposes) is a barren, liberal wasteland. I saw the voting map on Wikipedia and compared it to a map of population density in California and it appears that the historically liberal areas widely outnumber the more rural and conservative areas, yet the vote is so close. Is it simply that they can't get people out to vote in the cities?