Monday, December 15, 2008


There were a few photos from the holiday party that I intentionally held back, knowing that they would be better served in the hands of one Mr. Bruce Paine over at Cobra Brigade. As you can see here, he did not let me down.
FYI, Paine reciprocated and sent me a few photos of his own. I will not be reposting them here, at least not yet, because I am enjoying them too much on my own. Maybe if you're lucky, I'll share them with you one day.

Coming soon, the response from Josh Rawitch regarding my post about the holiday party. A preview: I got a little bit of a scolding.


Bruce Paine said...

sigh...I suppose that any time I email a dame pictures I must expect it to be used against me when I one day become a candidate for the Get Off My Lawn Party. We will have a relatively quiet convention I am afraid.

Bruce Paine said...

Wait a second, why should you be scolded. That was an excellent first-hand post. That is exactly the kind of free advertising they should be after. So you bashed McCourt for being a little greedy. That was not the HOLY SHIT moment of piece. An MLB owner trying to milk a little more cash from a season ticket holder party is rather an innocuous thing to accuse him of when you consider what other money grubbing activities he could be and probably is involved in. Jesus, you told a story about a super wealthy member of the American oligarchy that didn't involve an illicit secret society or the purchase of a 14-year old Honduran girl.

I am really interested in seeing what he has to say. As a fan site, this has stayed away from gossip (which plagues most sites), has relied almost solely on first hand evaluation of talent, and advertises the team of your own volition and not with hired bullshit. If I was an ad exec for the club I would be thrilled. They get positive outfeed without having to assail you with propaganda. That maximizes income without requiring input. Shit, we should all be so lucky. I have to buy stuff for my girlfriend just so she won't tell everybody that I'm hung like an elevator button.

Cobra said...

I've rec'd pictures from Paine before and I think some of the images are still burned into my brain so please, do us all a favor and keep them to yourself.

Since we agree on most things I feel OK disagreeing with you on the issue of McCourt selling the leftover giveaways (for cheap). I would love it if I could get my hands on some Cubs giveaways for cheap, especially as stocking stuffers. If a Ron Santo hat generally sells for $25 outside of Wrigely and I can get it for $3 from the Cubs...I'd do it.

Other than that, the holiday post was a great, great read.

Bruce Paine said...

I think my problem with them having a problem with her having a problem has to do with where they stationed the stand to sell the stuff. They put it BETWEEN where the waiting line and the field, essentially requiring them to participate in the charade (as it were). I am sure the people sitting in the meeting deciding how to organize that were very innocently thinking, "hey, this would be a great place to put a stand of reduced price overstock stuffis we have sitting around because then they would have to travel through it to get to the field, which is where they want to go anyway." I am sure that made tons of sense and didn't seem at all disagreeable int he meeting. My deal is that it, when viewed from my oblique angle, ransomed the field experience for the fans. To get to where they wanted to go they HAD to travel through a commercial. Tactically, it was a choke point, and the perfect place for ambush and that is exactly what they did. It didn't hurt anybody, and I don't think they tattooed anybody's arm. I am not going to throw a fit about that sort of thing, and I don't think Erin was either, I read that passage with a tone of groaning, "here we go again." I certainly see how this could have sucked for the season ticket holders, though, it is like those really shitty movie theaters that show stupid Lexus commercials before the movie.

Erin said...

I have a few more things to say on the matter, namely that I wasn't really "scolded" per se (that was more of a joke). But that post will have to wait until tomorrow.

Cobra said...

Here is an off topic you plan on attending any of the WBC games at Dodgers Stadium?