Friday, February 20, 2009

Taking A Break From All My Worries

So here I am, with Bruce Paine plugging me over on Cobra Brigade, and I haven't bothered to write a post in about a year. And after I promised to write more (though less about baseball), too. I am a liar. I hope you can forgive me.

Things are crazy, which is one of the reasons I haven't written about the Manny saga or any other developments with either of my teams.  I also tend to think you can get that information elsewhere, and from people with better (read: any) sources.  I just went to the site to check on something, and it turns out we have signed Orlando Hudson.  I don't really understand it, frankly, but I suppose it's better than Orlando Cabrera.  The guys at MSTI do a better job of analyzing it than I ever could, so go over there and check out what they have to say.

Today, my Dodgers season tickets arrived in the mail.  27 games, 54 tickets.  I guess when you buy a mini plan you don't get the special tickets that have pictures on them.  Instead, I got a nondescript envelope that had all 54 tickets jammed in, and a typewritten note that said, essentially, "thanks."  Not really making me feel special here, guys.  

Still, though, it's nice to have these tickets in hand.  The only problem is that I'm not entirely sure about my plans for the first two months of the season.  I may be spending a while in Puerto Rico, through mid-June, in fact.  The good news is that this means I'll only miss nine games while I'm gone.  The bad news is that I'll miss nine games.

If I do end up in Puerto Rico, I'll be wanting to sell my tickets.  They're good seats, and if Manny comes back, they'll be even better seats, because you'll be sitting in section 47 Field, just a few rows from the field.  I'm going to just put the dates below, just so, if you're interested, you can start thinking about whether or not you'll be interested in taking these tickets off my hands.  I'm not going to gouge you; I'll probably only charge a little over face value, just so I get back what I paid, plus, you know, five or ten bucks for my trouble.  That's fair, isn't it?

Here are the dates:

Monday, April 13 (Opening Day) vs. San Francisco Giants, 1:10 pm

Saturday, April 18 vs. Colorado Rockies, 7:10 pm

Saturday, May 2 vs. San Diego Padres, 7:10 pm

Wednesday, May 20 vs. New York Mets, 7:10 pm (Casey Blake bobblehead night)

Friday, May 22 vs. Angels, 7:10 pm (Friday night fireworks)

Saturday, May 23 vs. Angels, 7:10 pm

Sunday, May 24 vs. Angels, 1:10 pm (Webkinz Pet Giveaway, for kids 14 & under)

Wednesday, June 3 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks, 7:10 pm (Dodgers Collector's Edition Poster)

Saturday, June 6 vs. Philadelphia Philles, 12:50 pm (probably the Fox day game)

That should be all I miss.  Let me know via email or in the comments if you think you might interested in any of the seats.  It won't be long before I know for sure whether I will or won't be here for these games.

In other news, I saw Wynonna perform in concert last night at Club Nokia.  I have been a fan of Wynonna and/or The Judds for right around twenty years now.  I've never apologized and I'm not going to start now, so if you've got something negative to say about this particular love, you better leave now (can you tell I've heard shit about this before?).  Yes, they can be corny and weird at times, but I don't care.  I love them.  Wynonna has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard.  I'm putting a video below that my fiancĂ© shot (on our digital camera, so it's not anything fancy) at the concert so you can watch if you're interested.

Will I attempt to write more frequently in the future?  Yes.  Will I be successful in this goal?  To be determined.  Keep checking back.


Orel said...

Dolly Parton, The Judds....Are you really a country girl at heart?

MikeA. said...

Wow Puerto Rico! sounds good - if you do go and sell those tickets on the dates you posted - I'm interested in = Monday, April 13 (Opening Day) - just curious is it two seats? and of course how much??