Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Blame MSTI

After all, this post obviously completely jinxed the Dodgers before they set out on their road trip.  What else can explain the two consecutive losses in Houston?  Yes, MSTI was excited about the hitting at Minute Maid Park, and the Dodgers have managed to score five runs in each game (included three home runs in one inning in last night's loss), but that hasn't been enough to get the wins.  And against Russ Ortiz on Tuesday night, the Dodger should have scored about fifteen runs.  But they didn't.  And they lost.  So, nice going, guys.

Tonight they send Billingsley to the hill to try to stop the bleeding. They head to Colorado next, so getting a win in Houston is key since who knows what can happen in the thin air of Denver.  The good news is, the bats seem to be alive, so for the offense Colorado could be a good time.  Now the pitching needs to step up and not let a subpar teams get wins they shouldn't be getting. So let's start another win streak tonight, shall we?

The Red Sox are a different story, after picking up two wins on Wednesday in a doubleheader with the Twins.  Their win streak now stands at seven, with an off day today and then the first series with the Yankees (in Boston).  It's Lester, Beckett and Masterson vs. Chamberlain, Burnett and Pettitte.  I'm not going to give my predictions, because I'm always wrong.  But, the Sox have been hitting the ball well, so I like our chances.

In other news, I'm still struggling with panic over this whole "rabies" issue, even though I know I'm being insane.  But, you know, my arm hurts right near where the "bat bite" was, and as long as that's still true, it's hard for me to move on.  I'm sure one of you out there knows something about rabies and/or bat bites, so reassure me.  Please?


Bruce Paine said...

Its just a spider bite, get over it. It might be where the CIA implanted the chip

Mike Scioscia's tragic illness said...

Crap. I totally laid the ubermegastinkfacejinx on them, didn't I? I should know better.

Orel said...