Monday, April 13, 2009

I Can't Believe I'm Missing This

Ugh. Sounds like it will be a blast. Well, I hope the person who bought my Opening Day tickets on eBay has a good time. I'll be watching on TV, where I've been lucky enough to hear Vin Scully two or three times already this season. I don't see any reason I won't get the Dodgers' home feed today, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

Sort of an up-and-down beginning to the season thus far. The Dodgers split a four-game series with the Padres, which they should have easily swept. Kuroda is already on the DL after one start, James McDonald may or may not still be an official starter, and Manny is talking about ending his career in Cleveland. Oh, and there was that weird way the Dodgers scored a run on Sunday, taking advantage of the rare "fourth out rule." Meanwhile, the Dodgers have managed to compile a 4-3 record, which isn't too terrible, but those damn Padres are 5-2. I don't see that division lead lasting for San Diego, so the Dodgers better take care of business at home against San Francisco and Colorado this week. The good news, they won't be facing Tim Lincecum. Although, after his last start, maybe we'd like to be facing the kid.

And in the Red Sox world, they are off to an even shakier start. A 2-4 record thanks to two series losses--one against Tampa Bay and one against an emotional Angels' team in Anaheim. Not a great start. They're not getting trounced or anything, but they're not scoring a lot of runs (averaging 3.6 a game), and the pitchers aren't pitching well enough to compensate for the lack of runs. In other words, the perfect recipe for a losing team. It's early yet, but you would have liked to have seen a little better start out of the gate. They're off to Oakland today, where they'll face Nomar Garciaparra and the Athletics. This is a series the Sox easily win on paper, what with Lester, Matsuzaka and Wakefield facing Braden, Eveland and Anderson. And don't even tell me you've heard of those three guys; Eveland, maybe, but the rest of them? I couldn't name more than three players on the A's if you paid me. And those pitchers don't count, since I just looked them up for this post. I can give you Garciaparra, Giambi and Ellis. That's it. I'm at a loss. And now that I've said that, the Sox will probably get no-hit in one of the games on their way to a 2-7 record after being swept in Oakland.

Remember, I still have tickets you can purchase for Dodger Stadium this weekend (rather shameless, aren't I?). I'll give you a good deal, since I sold the Opening Day tickets for a nice price. Here's another reminder of what I have left, none of which have been placed on eBay as of yet (the last game is dicey because I might be back in time to go, so consider it tentative for now):

Saturday, May 2 vs. San Diego Padres, 7:10 pm

Wednesday, May 20 vs. New York Mets, 7:10 pm (Casey Blake bobblehead night)

Friday, May 22 vs. Angels, 7:10 pm (Friday night fireworks)

Saturday, May 23 vs. Angels, 7:10 pm

Sunday, May 24 vs. Angels, 1:10 pm (Webkinz Pet Giveaway, for kids 14 & under)

Wednesday, June 3 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks, 7:10 pm (Dodgers Collector's Edition Poster)

Saturday, June 6 vs. Philadelphia Philles, 12:50 pm (probably the Fox day game)

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Bruce Paine said...

If I lived in LA I might take a run at Dodgers tickets, though I must admit the only reason I can conceive of my being in LA is if I am cast in the remake of Escape From L.A.. I here the weather is nice, though. I went jogging in 60 degrees on an Indiana Easter Sunday and scraped ice off my windshield on Monday.