Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Offended, Even If That Offense Is Maybe Irrational

Dodgers to begin female-oriented broadcasts tonight

I found this today at SI's Power Rankings, where they say the broadcasts are "aimed at increasing [the Dodgers'] female fan base."

Jeanne Zelasko, who will be the female half of the broadcasting, and therefore the dumb one, insists that they won't be "talking down" to the audience.  I find this hard to believe when the example she gives is that she and former Dodger Mark Sweeney (ugh!) will help to explain that saying someone is "batting in the six hole" means that they are batting sixth.  Like that's the most complicated inference to make.

Is there a reason they can't say these broadcasts are meant for the casual baseball fan?  Why does it have to be that women are the only ones who don't understand the more "complicated" aspects of this game?  I understand that there are women out there ("pink hats," some people call them) who don't really know what's going on with the game. But I've been to my fair share of baseball games, and I have heard a lot of inanity coming out of the mouths of plenty of male fans.  One guy was trying to tell someone that the Dodgers had "batted around" in the inning, and he said, "yeah, they went around the horn."  

I am not a casual baseball fan.  I am a rabid, maniacal, detail-oriented, obsessed fan.  There are plenty of us like this out there, both male and female.  Maybe the game of baseball, and the teams we love (this is about you, Dodgers, so I'm looking your direction), shouldn't condescend based on the gender of fans.

Look at this chick down here, guys, and tell me she needs a specific broadcast to help her understand this game (yes, it's me):

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Bruce Paine said...

It shouldn't shock anyone when networks pander to people. In sports or in anything else. Lisa Guerrero seemed like a really bright sports mind, and she seemed to try really hard to make her job about sports analysis. Still, her role on The Best Damn Sports Show did not allow her to expose her mind because the watchers (and the other hosts) were salivating over her cans. When she moved to Monday Night Football I was really hopeful and still wonder about why that fizzled. I think she could do a way better job with a sports radio show than a lot of people, but she will always be used in a visual market, which is a shame. There is nothing wrong with women in sports, watching or participating, but it should shock no one when TV tries to sell crap to people that are willing to buy crap.

The two biggest pandering genres on TV are sports and politics. The medium is chalk full of shills and shysters.