Monday, May 04, 2009

A Liar's Promise

I will be spending the next month or so of my life in this place. There are worse things.  Here is the view out my window:

I'll take a better picture soon, but that one is from the iPhone, so that should explain the quality.  That's the Atlantic Ocean, and between the garden area and the water is the San Geronimo Fort. Less appealing was the view that greeted me when I went to the front desk on Friday:

Before you ask, she is not naked.  She was wearing a thong.  But it still made my jaw drop, and I was absolutely shameless in snapping the photo.  It had to be done.  This is not something one sees every day, so it needed to be documented.  And also shared with the world.

Now, baseball.  The Dodgers have won all ten of their home games this season.  Of course they have.  What else would I expect when I buy a 27-game plan and then leave the country for at least the first nine games of the plan?  Granted, I only technically had tickets for three of the games in this record-setting ten-game run, but still.  I could have been a witness to at least part of it.  Instead, I sold one pair of tickets and gave the other two pairs away to friends.  It's been rough knowing that others are enjoying what I can only follow on (at best) or graphics on MLB Gameday or ESPN Gamecast.  I can't even really rely on Sportscenter, since I watched the first 40 minutes of this morning's broadcast, and the Dodgers weren't mentioned once. This, despite the fact that they're two wins away from tying the MLB record for consecutive home wins.  Something to be said for that east coast bias, I guess.  

As for the Red Sox, I'm happy they're out of Tampa Bay.  I can't discuss the series because analyzing it is depressing, but losing two of three down there is embarrassing, no matter what the Rays did last year.  Now the Sox head to the new Yankee Stadium for a two-game set.  On the one hand, I'm glad it'll be on ESPN because it means it'll be easy for me to watch; on the other hand, I do not give a rat's ass about the new Yankee Stadium, and I'm already over hearing the "this is Boston's first trip to the hallowed ground" crap.  So maybe I'll watch the beginning of the game on mute.  The Sox need to hammer Phil Hughes tonight, and they need Jon Lester to start pitching like we know he can.  It might not matter that it's a fancy new stadium, but beating the Yankees in that damn place sure would feel nice anyway.

In other news, there's this: I'm sick of not being a regular blogger.  I feel guilty even calling myself a blogger these days, and then I get emails from Josh Rawitch of the Dodgers about the "Second Annual Blogger Night at Dodger Stadium."  Remember the first one, and how awesome it was?  Well, I'll have to live on those memories because the second one is this week, and I obviously will not be able to make it.  I have a feeling it will be bigger and better than last year, so I'll have to rely on the boys over at Sons of Steve Garvey--and anyone else who might be there--to give me an adequate account.  I'm trying my best not to be bitter about missing it, but maybe it's my punishment for being such a terrible blogger for quite a while now.

The point is, I'm done with this nonsense of promising more posts, than not delivering.  So, I'm making a real vow, right here, right now.  I will write at least one post a day for the rest of this month, which should get me back into the swing of things for the rest of the baseball season, and beyond.  I'm thinking short term for now, which is why I can promise you only the month of May. I hope that will be enough to at least start to make up for my long absence.

Let me remind you that I have great tickets for each of the three games of the Angels/Dodgers series, which is May 22-24.  Please let me know if you're at all interested, because they will soon be on eBay.  I've given away two of my three pairs so far this season, so I need to sell these to make up for that.  Email me, leave a message in the comments, whatever.  Otherwise, you can bet I'll be posting the eBay link here when they go up for auction.

And, as always, here are the links to my Facebook albums, so you can see what I've been up to down here.  The two in this post are in those albums, so I apologize for the redundancy.


Bruce Paine said...

In Indiana, it is typhoon season and rains everyday. My father called to request my help on a project that required digging a rather large hole. At about three feet, the the water was seeping into the hole faster that I could bucket it out. After three hours of trying to successfully dig the hole and get water out, it started raining on me. I fucking quit because I am quitter. Now my parents have a hole in their backyard four feet deep, five feet around and full of water. Enjoy the tropics.

berkowit28 said...

I don't think you've ever said what exactly has brought you or your fiancée to Puerto Rico, and absent from baseball for such an extended period on what appeared to be pretty short notice. If it's private, never mind.