Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Change Will Do You Good

Tomorrow night, I venture into the press box at Dodger Stadium for the second time. My last time as a "real" reporter was on June 17, and I've written all of ten posts since then, so I guess I should count myself lucky that they're letting me in.

Hiroki Kuroda takes a liner off the head, the Dodgers are in the midst of an August funk that has seen their lead in the division drop to 4.5 games, our closer is in a funk of his own, the offense can't seem to get anything going, etc. These are stories that should interest me, and they do, but just not enough to get me into writing about them every day. Particularly not when there are so many out there doing it so much better.

There is no question that I love to write. I started this blog because I saw an ad once for someone needing a Dodger blogger for his network. I have since left that network and forged ahead on my own, and for a while there I was really chugging along. But at some point the idea of regurgitating things that most of you could find on ESPN and/or other Dodger blogs just lost its luster.

So I think I have to work on taking this blog in a slightly new direction. When I started I wrote daily recaps of every Dodgers and Red Sox game, but that fell by the wayside as I realized how unbelievably tedious that was to do (and I'm sure it was just as tedious to read). I have since dropped a lot of my Red Sox coverage, simply due to practicality. Change is nothing new to this blog.

But don't be afraid. This is not a goodbye letter by any means. I want to write, I have an outlet to do it, and I even have the occasional reader, so I have no excuses. I've made promises in the past and failed to keep them, but that doesn't mean I can't give it another shot, right? I am not going to stop covering the Dodgers, but I am going to start writing more about the other things that matter to me.

I have to set a goal, and now seems like as good a time as any, so here it goes. We'll start small. Today is August 19. I hereby vow to write something on this blog every day until the end of August. The posts may be heavy on the baseball for the next few days, since I will be at Dodger Stadium four of the next five days. But after that, we'll likely get a little political. The healthcare "debate" is making me crazy, and there are always gay rights issues to rant about, so I don't think I'll lack for material. I talk a lot, and I think a lot, and now it's just time I started getting it into the blogosphere.

To those of you who have only been coming because of what I have to say about the Dodgers and/or baseball, I hope you'll stick around. It could get interesting.


Bruce Paine said...

My old man is a Cardinals fan, so I have watched a lot of Cardnials games this year. I can say after last night (and after the other games they have played against the Dodgers) that the Cardinals are a better team. The Dodgers are an interesting team, and I like the way they try to flood the bases with batting average, but they are not as good as the Cardinals.

Not only that, but I think watching these games is an interesting look at the dichotomy of two superstars. With Manny, you only get a bat. Its a good bat, but that is all you get in the positive side. You a get a liability in the field, on the bases, and sometimes in the dugout. With El Hombre, it is very different. You get the best bat of our generation, AND you get an exceptionally bright baserunner who is capable of stealing bases on brains, jump, and hustle. You get a VERY good fielder and a very good leader. He swiped that base after the walk and it MADE that game. MADE it. Not only that, but he (in additions to the Cardinals club in general) knew that they were in a good position to put pressure on Martin, a very good catcher, because he had been beat up by kershaw's breaking ball and was having a generally off night. You cannot get that kind of hustle and edge from Manny, he is too busy untucking his jersey.

Erin said...

No question about it, Albert Pujols is a god among men. I can't even hate the guy. He stole that base last night off Broxton, though, because Broxten never looked at him once. He was too upset since he had Pujols at 0-2 and ended up walking him. It was a disappointing game.

The Cardinals might very well be the better team, too. The Dodgers have a tendency to get on base a lot (last night notwithstanding) and just leave guys standing there. I'd like to say we'll snap out of this, but who knows. I don't even know the last time we won a series, and our division lead is now 3.5 games. Even if we make the playoffs, if we play like this, we'll be swept out right away.

I woke up depressed, but I'm going to the press box and clubhouse tonight, so maybe I'll tell these guys to please win a friggin' game for once. That might make me feel better.

Bruce Paine said...

I just kept thinking that the Cardinals look HUNGRY when they get a guy in scoring position. They seem to collectively try to devise the best way possible to score that run with the guys they have coming up. The Dodgers put guys on and then stand around waiting for somebody to do something. Its aggravating. I would like to see a left on base stat for martin after the all star break. If he is standing on second with one out the Dodgers can't find a way to score him and it isnt like he is a bad runner. They just seem too lazy to score people the ugly ways.

I hate caring about baseball, it makes me feel like I am chugging the Kool-Aid by the bucket full.

Noelle said...

I think I really like all of these props you all are giving the Cardinals! :)

Bruce Paine said...

Tough not to, best ballclub in the NL right now.