Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Am the Most Awesome Person You Know

And not just because I'm currently sitting in the Dodger Stadium press box before the game.

No, I'm the most awesome because, in order to get to the press box, I had to take the elevator down from the top deck. I got on the elevator with a reporter and the elevator attendant, and after we went one floor, the elevator stopped to let someone get on with us.

And that someone was Manny "Being Manny" Ramirez.

Yes, that's right. The man himself. The elevator attendant said hello to him as he said a very enthusiastic, "hi everybody!" back to us. I would have avoided speaking to him if she hadn't, because I don't know the rules on such things (Madonna, for instance, would have kicked me off the elevator just for making eye contact; and that's not just a rumor). But the attendant made me feel comfortable enough to say, "Hi Manny!" in a tone just two or three octaves higher than my normal voice. She bypassed our floor to take him directly down to the clubhouse level, and when he got off, he said goodbye to us. I said, "Have a good game." I'm 99% positive that he said, "thank you," but my heart was beating so loudly in my ears that I can't be sure of anything.

So, yeah. Maybe he's a child, a cheater, and not as good an all-around player as Albert Pujols, but it's still Manny Ramirez! We just breathed the same air!

Off to the clubhouse and field for a little pre-game reporting. More later.


karina said...

Awesome Erin! wow, this is quite the xperience. Have fun at the press box tonight!

Bruce Paine said...

No shame there. I stood in an elevator once with Mike Alstott and my father. By the time we got off the thing my old man was nearly in tears at how puny his six foot 200 pound son seemed in comparison to a real man. The guy was (maybe) an inch taller than me but it seemed like five feet.