Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Making Friends Wherever I Go

On Sunday, I took in my fourth Dodger game in five days. If you think I would get sick of Dodger Stadium after that much time spent there, well, you haven't been reading this blog for long, have you?

It was the second day game in a row, which, admittedly, can be a little uncomfortable. On Saturday, I was lucky enough to steal some seats in the shade, and the rightful owners never showed up, so I was golden. Sunday, I was fully prepared to sit in my own seats, which are in full sun for the whole game, but I knew I would be meeting up with Steve Sax of Sons of Steve Garvey, so I was preparing to be flexible.

When I got to the game, I (along with Christine) found some seats in a section close to the Dodger dugout, field level on the third base side. I was sitting in the shade in this section when Sax emailed me to tell me that he was sitting in the section next to me, and only a few rows closer to the field (which meant in the sun). So, I went up and tapped him on the shoulder, met his Cub friend, and sat down behind him.

Thus began my game of musical chairs, as people owning the seats kept showing up, and I kept moving to unoccupied ones. Eventually, Christine and I found seats in the front row of the section, and stayed there for a couple of innings. That is, until four girls showed up in the top of the fifth to claim their seats. We moved back a little bit, but by the sixth the two guys and two kids who had been sitting in front of Sax were ready to call it a day, so we took their seats and stayed there for the rest of the game.

Sax has already written a glowing post about hanging out with me at the game, but I was fully intending to write one of my own, so now I'll just shorten it. As Sax said, I certainly never expected to make friends, online or otherwise, by starting this blog. But writing this blog meant I got invited to Blogger Night last season, which means I was introduced to several of the Sons, and that I could develop a bit of a relationship with them by commenting on their blog (and vice versa) over the last year and a half. I was lucky enough to meet some guys who are pretty cool, knowledgeable about baseball, and kind enough to give respect to another blog that gets maybe one-tenth of the hits they get (I'm referring to myself there, of course).

To make this long story short, I had a great time at the game, giving shit (and getting it back) from Sax's Cub fan friend, and discussing the team and our lives with Sax. It's certainly true that you can't trust every person you meet online, but I somehow managed to find a few good ones, and it's worked out quite nicely for me. Oh, and I finally bought Sax that beer I've owed him since last April.

Sax said it all much better (and I didn't know about the Spider-Man/Human Torch friendship, but I like the reference anyway, because it makes me a superhero), so let me just see if this will do as a response to his post: ditto.
When I was in the press box on Thursday night, Christine watched the game by herself in the stands, and ended up meeting a woman, Emma, who writes her own Dodgers blog. I stopped by today just to check it out, and I found this video, which is just plain awesome:

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Falling LEAVes said...

hey Erin! yeah, it's amazing when I meet people who go, "hey, aren't you fallingLEAVes?" In fact, I met another fellow blogger two years ago and now we text and meet at the game all the time. It's just incredible what friends I've made since I started my blog.

FallingLEAVes, aka WolfLady