Friday, August 21, 2009

Photos from Dodger Stadium--08/20/2009

Just a few pictures from Thursday night. I took some on the field before the game, and Christine took a few more from her (stolen) seat during the game.

Joe Torre holds court with the press before the game.

Matt Kemp waits for his turn during batting practice.

Andre Ethier does an interview with that guy from PrimeTicket.

Andre Ethier in the on-deck circle.

Matt Kemp at the plate.

Manny Ramirez bats.

It's time for the "Think Cure" RadioTeleWebethon (yes, they're calling it that), which raises money for the Dodgers' cancer charity. The sign normally reads "Think Blue," except during this time of the year. They've also painted the field with the "Think Cure" logo. It got me thinking that I know of a surefire way for Frank McCourt to get every Dodger fan to donate $15 to the charity. What if, on one night during this big charity weekend, McCourt put all parking proceeds toward Think Cure? We all know that parking money is pure profit anyway, so why not put it toward a good cause? It's just one night, and asking for donations from a fan base that's already spending a fortune just to go to a game--and almost making them feel guilty by plastering the logo all over the field and in the hills behind the stadium--seems a little uncool.

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Alex Cora said...

Great idea with the parking!! Of course I doubt McCourt would do this.