Thursday, August 06, 2009

Trying to Get Pumped

I'm about to watch the first of a four-game set between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, and despite what I've said about my Red Sox fandom in the past (in fact, the last time I posted), I can still get up for a Sox/Yanks series. I can actually get up for most every Sox game, but I do hate those stupid Yankees, so I'm excited about this series.

I spent the last few weeks out of town, first in Arizona to visit family and friends, then up to Idaho to visit more family. I had a great time in Arizona, and actually spent some time sewing and crafting, which is not exactly my thing, but it was still a good time. I also got the chance to see some of my cousins, whom I hadn't seen in quite a few years. And they became the second and third (of seventeen) cousins on my dad's side to meet Christine. So, quite the accomplishment for them, I'm sure.

Then it was off to Idaho, where I spent every day in my grandparents' pool, hanging with my cousins and their kids (are those my second cousins? I don't know. I just call them my cousins, too), who are all adorable. There are six great-grandkids in the family, and at one point all of them were at my grandparents' house at one time this summer (one of them lives in Alaska now, so this was a big deal), which was very cool.

If you've been waiting for the chance to see me in a dress and/or bikini, look no further. This link, and this one, will give you exactly what you crave.

I've been to one Dodger game since I got back, and thankfully it was the 17-4 blowout of the Brewers on Tuesday night. I would not have liked to be there for the two losses to the Brewers. Now it's time to hope they can turn it around against the Braves. The Dodgers took two of three in Atlanta, and my Uncle Bob was not pleased about that. That's him with me in the picture at the top of the page**. So now it's time to put him in an even worse mood and win the series at Dodger Stadium.

If you sense a lack of enthusiasm in this post, you're not wrong. I'm having a hard time getting excited about blogging (or, really, even reading blogs) these days. Not sure what's up with me, but it's probably just a funk. We'll see.

**Okay, okay. That's not Uncle Bob. That's just Brad Pitt's head Photoshopped onto his body, per Bob's request. The real picture can be found somewhere in the two albums I linked to in this post.


Mr. Customer said...

"...probably just a funk"

What's going down with the Sox/Yanks can't help much.

I'm the same way when it comes to the blogosphere. I'll totally lose interest, but eventually I wander back.

Actually, I'm that way with a lot of things...

Mr. Customer said...

If you really get down, I'll pick up a copy of this on amazon for you.

(funny, then not funny, then kind of funny again)

Mr. Customer said...

Broken link, sorry.

Orel said...

I thought that was supposed to be Greg Maddux. Which I suppose is a compliment to Greg Maddux.

Erin, we'll be here for you when you get unfunked. Preferably in time for the playoffs!

GM-Carson said...

Here's a collection of photoshopped Dodgers cards for Jason Schmidt, Randy Wolf, Juan Castro, Jeff Weaver, Brent Leach, and James McDonald.


We'd appreciate the plug, and will return the favor.