Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dodgers: Bringing Families Closer Since 1958

Let's take a break from the healthcare debate (or, technically, the debate about the healthcare debate) for a moment, shall we?

Okay, I feel better. Tonight I'm going to Dodger Stadium to see the Dodgers try to salvage a split with the awful Diamondbacks. To say the Dodgers should have at least won this series is a vast understatement. Instead, after being nearly shutout last night, the boys find themselves on the verge of possibly losing three of four to the worst team (by a lot) in the division. Not exactly how you erase any doubt in the playoff race, you know?

I'll be sitting in loge tonight, because I didn't have tickets in my season plan for this game. But my brother came back from Afghanistan last Sunday, and he wanted to go to a game, so I figured the best choice would be Marine Appreciation Night at Dodger Stadium. He is, after all, a Marine. Christine found a pack of four tickets in the front row of Loge 165, which is the very last section, and right above Mannywood. I actually like the view from over there, though since I doubt this game is a sellout, I'm sure we'll be moving to choicer seats at some point during the night.

So, yes, I am choosing to go on a night celebrating the military, my pacifist tendencies notwithstanding. I am, after all, an Air Force brat, so my ties to the military run pretty deep. And besides, despite what many conservative pundits would have you believe, being against the war(s) does not mean that one is against the troops. In fact, there's a pretty solid argument to be made that wanting the wars to end means that one is supporting the troops more than the other side; I mean, at least our opinion keeps the troops out of unnecessary harm, right?

But I digress. Frankly, my brother probably doesn't care that it's Marine Appreciation Night. I, in fact, expect an eye roll or two, depending on just what this "appreciation" entails. He just wants to go to a game. He is, like me, a Red Sox fan, but he has not split his allegiance to include any National League team. He does not care about the Dodgers one bit, but I don't think he hates them, either. In other words, I think Christine and I (and our friend Tangi, who will be joining us) will have a pretty good cheering partner for the evening.

Unless the Dodgers suck (again), and then that's all I'll hear about all night. So, please, Dodgers, for my sake, could you win this game?

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Mr. Customer said...

Those seats are exactly where we sat Monday night. Nice sight lines, and if the game gets tedious, there's "Hot Chicks w/ Douchebags" style entertainment to be had overlooking Mannywood:o