Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dodgers, Marines, Racism and My Brother

The Dodgers continue to be anything but consistent, particularly when it comes to playing the crappy teams. They split a four-game series with Arizona, then lost a three-game series with San Diego, both of whom are tied for last place in the division, 21 games behind the Dodgers (obviously they were further back before the series started). That's not how you maintain a division lead, and since the Rockies have been winning this whole time, we now find ourselves with only a 3.5-game lead over that Colorado team. Too close. So how about we win some?

I was at the game three times over the weekend, starting with Thursday night's game. You'll recall that I took my brother to this one, and I was absolutely right about his response to "Marine Appreciation Night." The Dodgers themselves did not nothing objectionable;
a Marine sang the National Anthem and God Bless America, and the Marine Color Guard was there with the flags. My brother's problem was with the fans in attendance. Several had Marine flags hanging over the railings, and judging from their age and/or facial hair, it was clear they were no longer active duty. My brother groaned when he saw them and said, "Let it go!"

It's hard not to disagree with that. After all, nobody likes a guy who practically demands to be thanked or congratulated for something. Yes, it was Marine Appreciation Night, but still. Just come and be appreciated. You don't have to make a big deal about it.

My brother also questioned whether baseball might not be as interested in racial equality as we all think. Noting the sign that indicates Jackie Robinson's retired number, my brother mused, "Isn't it a bit racist to make Robinson's number a different color from all the rest?"

Hard to disagree with that one, ladies and gentlemen.

It was a good night for a game, and we had a fun time hanging out and watching the Dodgers win one. I even had a beer, which, unless I'm visiting with Steve Sax, is a rarity for me at a game. My brother bought a Dodgers hat, which surprised me but also made me quite happy. And then I made him take about twenty pictures with me. Here's my favorite:

The Dodgers only have nine home games left this season, and I have tickets to seven of them (including the last three). Seems that I was thinking ahead when I bought the tickets, and thought the end of the season might be important. What a smart cookie I am. It's a little too close in the division for my tastes, because I don't like to be too nervous about these things. But I guess that's part of the fun, so I'm going to try to roll with it.
Christine found this while checking her Twitter page for Onion updates. I suppose this article might be parody of L.A.'s somewhat laid-back fans, or perhaps a reference to the N.L. West not getting any respect. Either way, it's pretty funny:

Area Man Has Heard of Andre Ethier

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Bruce Paine said...

It IS a bit odd that jackie's number is a different color. People do weird things for weird reasons. India is interested in Kashmir because it can say it is a secular state despite being majority Hindu as long as it has one territory that is majority Muslim. Pakistan exists as a state, solely, in opposition to India. Isn't that a weird reason to have a country? Isn't that a weird concept on which to base your statehood? "We aren't you." That is weird. Some people juggle geese.