Friday, September 18, 2009

The Home Stretch

Tonight I venture into the press box for the last time this season. I hope Josh Rawitch will continue this practice of reserving a spot for Dodger bloggers, but even if he doesn't, I think I can speak for all of those lucky enough to take advantage of it when I say it's been a blast. Many thanks to Rawitch and the whole Dodgers PR staff for accommodating a girl whose blog name is based on the presumption that robots will one day completely take over the world. Let's hope Rawitch doesn't come to his senses in the off-season.

I've been to Dodger Stadium twice this week already, on Monday and Wednesday. Both times, the Dodgers won. I missed Andre Ethier's walk-off on Tuesday night, but that's okay.
Seeing two of the three games of the sweep was nice, and I have tickets to all the remaining home games this season (though I'm skipping Saturday), so I think I'll see a few more home runs before it's all said and done. And speaking of my tickets, if you're interested in going to Saturday's game against the Giants, I'm selling my seats at face value on eBay. So check them out. I'll be sweating my butt off at Sunday's day game, so I don't think I can do it two days in a row. Buy my tickets!

Going to a few games recently has given me and Christine the opportunity to get some baseballs signed by the pitchers in the bullpen. We sit in the section right next to the bullpen (until we're kicked out) and wait for the players to come to the fence and sign. Many of them do, and it's nice to see. We got Kershaw last week (that's him signing our ball in the picture), and Padilla
and Haeger this week. I want Wolf or Weaver, but I've never seen either of them sign. And Broxton completely ignores the fans who ask for his autograph, so there you go.

On a side note, I know a lot of guys only want to sign for kids, and/or are worried about those who would just sell the balls on eBay. And to them I say this: growing up, I didn't have the chance to go to baseball games. The closest I lived to a Major League team was when I lived at Edwards AFB for four years as a kid, and my parents weren't able to drive two+ hours to take three kids to a game. I went to a few Kings games because my soccer coach took us, but that's the extent of my live sports event experience as a child. So, it's nice that you want to give autographs only to kids, but just remember that some of us are trying to live that childhood experience right now. So cut us a break. And besides, you can usually pinpoint the guys/girls who only want your autograph so they can sell it, and I certainly don't fit that mold. Neither does Christine. So, come on!

Walking into the stadium a few games ago, Christine and I passed a car that I only noticed because it had both Angels and Dodgers stickers on the back window. I was appalled that anyone could split his/her allegiance that way (it's a little different than being, say, a Dodgers and Red Sox fan), and I wanted to take a picture. Then one of us noticed the license plate holder, and suddenly the stickers made sense. So I took a picture of that instead.

Don't worry--their license plate numbers don't really look like that. I just messed them up in Photoshop because I wouldn't want someone broadcasting my license plate on the interwebs.

On Sunday, September 6, the Dodgers played the Padres on the ESPN Sunday Night game. I was at the game, which meant I was lucky because I didn't have to listen to Jon Miller and Joe Morgan. What was also cool about being there was that I got to see the Goodyear Blimp over the stadium during the whole game. It looks so cool up there, and my iPhone doesn't do it justice, but here's a shot nonetheless:

Tonight, I will once again hang out with Steve Sax from Sons of Steve Garvey for a few innings. I'll gladly leave my perch in the press box to meet Sax's wife and watch a little baseball with him, as it's likely his last regular season game of the season this year.

And finally, in case you've ever wondered whether Christine and I have fun at all these games we go to, here's a shot of us at Wednesday's game:

We look pretty happy, wouldn't you say?

Oh, and the Angels are a bunch of douches. I'm sorry; I know it's blasphemous because I am a Dodger fan, but I hate Mike Scioscia. Hate. And it's all because of that face he seems to be making for 90% of every damn game. He's the Mike D'Antoni of Major League Baseball, and it's hard to watch.


Cobra said...

I'm sitting here at work one day and I look out the window and the Goodyear blimp is at eye level. It scared the bejeezus out of me. I guess they park a bunch of the blimps nearby at a local airstrip so they are always flying past our building.

Falling LEAVes said...

Weaver I have yet to see sign anything. Wolf, I can testify that he does sign. Usually it's on day game. Or when he's in the dugout right before the game starts. I speak from experience. I have gotten him to sign two baseballs and a softball (only one was for me, other two were for birthday gifts)

Falling LEAVes said...

I think I've posted about all three signings. Though two of them are on my Dodger blog. Not sure about the third.