Monday, October 19, 2009


If I were a Philly phan, I would probably be writing about last night's shellacking of the Dodgers as though it were an obvious sign that the better team finally showed up and proved itself. After all, 11-0 is about as one-sided as you can get, so I'd be pretty proud of my team and ready to say this series is over. Of course, I'd write that the Phillies haven't won yet, and that they still have games to play, perhaps try to act a little humble; but in my heart of hearts I would know how this will all end.

As you know, I am not a Phillies' phan. And that sense of complacency might be exactly where I want those phanatics to be right now. I was seriously depressed last night, from the first inning on, and I was watching my team feeling like there really was a chance that this was the best they could do: a slugfest in game one, a "gift" win in game two, and a beatdown in game three. But there are, as they say, two sides to every story, and after I got over (well, okay, not quite over it yet, but I'm getting there) the game, I realized there's another way to look at this.

Game one, Clayton Kershaw was off, but so was Cole Hamels. The Dodgers won the battle of the bullpens (just subtract Sherrill from that conclusion), and showed a lot of heart in coming back from a 5-1 (and an 8-4) deficit to actually make it a close game in the end. Game two, sure, the Chase Utley error helped us. But, Vicente Padilla had only given up one run, and the bullpen took care of the rest of the game. Utley might be the goat of that game, but it wouldn't have hurt if his team could have scored some more runs so that error could have been meaningless. And yeah, okay, we got our asses handed to us in game three. There's no question about it. But, as many commenters on Sons of Steve Garvey pointed out last night, that beating couldn't have come at a better time. Kuroda was going to suck, so why not let it happen in a game we sort of expected to lose anyway, considering the Phillies' ace was on the mound? Any Phillies' pitcher could have beaten the Dodgers last night with the way Kuroda pitched, so now we just have to forget about it and move on to games we can expect to at least make interesting. Besides, as commenter "rbnlaw" on SoSG pointed out this morning, "losing 11-0 is better than losing 2-1 when you've led most of the game...right Fillies?"

So, yeah, momentum (whatever that means) is on the Phillies' side for a few hours. But I believe in Randy Wolf's ability to come out and shut down Philadelphia's offense while our boys go to town on Joe Blanton. We win tonight, and it's 2-2. That makes it a best of three, and two of those remaining three will be played at beautiful Chavez Ravine. Of course, winning tonight and Wednesday makes it less likely that we'll have to see Cliff Lee in a game seven with the World Series on the line, so I wouldn't hate that outcome.

As for what I'm doing to help the team, I've yet to decide on tonight's wardrobe. Last night, I wore my blue Dodgers jersey over my "not right now. I'm watching the game" shirt, and look what happened. That jersey is what I was wearing when the Dodgers clinched the West, so I thought it would work, but it's retired now, at least for tonight. So now I'm thinking I'll wear the Dodger pajama bottoms from game one (since they obviously helped to spark the offense), and my Dodger hat, but no Dodger top. Just a normal shirt of some kind. Perhaps that will be the right combination to get things heading in the right direction.


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Orel said...

Love the attitude, Erin. I'm hopeful. Nervous, but hopeful