Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Story of A Crazy Girl

In August 2006, when Mark Loretta was playing with the Red Sox, he tossed Christine a ball after the pre-game warmups in Anaheim. She marked the ball with an "ML" (which made it more complicated when Mike Lowell tossed her one the next year) and kept it with our other autographed balls and assorted souvenirs. After Mark Loretta's game-winning hit on Thursday, she pulled the ball out and insisted that we sleep with it (no jokes, please). And so, Thursday and Friday night, that ball was between our pillows in the bed. Today, Christine put it in her purse and took it with her on our errands. As we watch the Dodgers play in game three in St. Louis right now, the ball is sitting on the coffee table, positioned so that the "ML" is facing the television, with one of our "This Is My Town" towels from Thursday night placed in front.

This, my friends, is what we call obsession.

I know I promised pictures (and I've got videos, too), and you'll get them soon, but right now I'm watching the game (ignore the part of that song that mentions the Cardinals; apparently Billy Bob Thornton is a St. Louis fan).

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Steve Sax said...

It's funny, I have a Loretta-signed ball from when he was with Boston, too. Gotta find that and bring it out to placement among the hallowed Dodger-signed balls...good idea!