Friday, October 16, 2009

That Old Blue Magic

I did not like last night's game, but I don't really want to talk about it, either. It was a game of blown opportunities, to say the least, and if you'd like to read a compelling recap, Dodger Thoughts has got you covered.

On Wednesday, Christine and I pulled out my button maker (that's right, I have one) to make something for a friend, and we decided to make some Dodger buttons, too. So, we made a bunch. I wore four of them on my Dodger shirt last night, and completed the outfit
with my hat and Dodger pajama bottoms. Even my socks had some blue on them. I have only just realized that I own no Dodger blue underwear, but I'll get that fixed soon enough. The point is, none of that mojo worked. So, right now I'm wearing some normal old shorts and flip flops (because it's effing hot out again), along with my Dodger hat (because I always wear that), and my 1959 All-Star Game t-shirt (which features this image). Gotta switch it up in the hopes that my clothing choices can have an effect on the outcome of a game in which I am not a participant.

The Dodgers showed some fight last night, but the agony still felt all too familiar, since this is what happened in last year's NLCS. The question now is how the Dodgers will come out today. Only about sixteen hours separate the end of game one from the beginning of game two, which means the Dodgers need to forget about last night and concentrate on today. Vicente Padilla is on the mound today, and no matter how good he's been for the team this season, there is still reason to be concerned. So the Dodgers need to get to Pedro Martinez (not exactly used to rooting against him in the postseason) early and often.

Christine once predicted that Vicente Padilla would do something big for the Dodgers in the playoffs. She thought perhaps game three against St. Louis was that big thing. But if he pitches well today, that could be even bigger, and maybe Christine's prediction really meant that Padilla would be a hero throughout the postseason.

Here's hoping.

P.S. There's a chance the picture of the buttons won't open larger in a new window if you click on it. I don't know why that's happening, but hopefully you get the gist with the smaller photo.

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Mr. Customer said...

So, Dodger mojo is alive and well. I agree with Christine, I think V will be our secret sauce, ala Derek Lowe in 2004.

Awesome buttons, btw.