Friday, March 26, 2010

The "Backlash"

I'm fully willing to admit that there was nothing in my previous post that could be regarded as the "smoking gun" against Matt Gaetz and his detestable personality and politics.  But I didn't lie. I had an opinion, and I chose to express it.  The simple fact is that the thought of Matt Gaetz having any sort of political power makes my stomach turn.  I regrettably never chose to record my conversations with him, but I do have a pretty good memory.  So when I write of my experiences with the man, I'm being as honest as that memory will allow.

More than a few people have expressed their support with what I wrote. There's no question that a lot of people Matt Gaetz went to high school with could see the sort of man he would become, perhaps in part because of the kind of man his father already was.  And that's fine.  I suppose the world needs those sorts of people, to remind us now and then what a good person looks like. There are people out there, on both sides of the aisle, who choose to get into politics for all the right reasons.  It just so happens that Matt Gaetz is not one of those people.  There will obviously be some who disagree with me.  42.5% of the people who voted in the Republican primary in District 4, for instance. But I have no problem with what I wrote, and I certainly don't regret it for a second.  Someone needed to say it.

Now, we all know that Gaetz himself can't get into a feud with me over this, because he's got to be the consummate politician. Apparently, though, he can get his sister to fight his battles.  So, what follows is the email exchange I had just moments ago with Gaetz's younger sister, who coincidentally is also named Erin.


I hope that using your blog to personally and falsely attack my brother helped you deal with whatever issues you've been harboring for the past 10 years.

Good luck,
Erin Gaetz

And my response to her:

For the record, I haven't been harboring issues against your brother at all.  If this were simply a matter of disagreeing with him politically, I wouldn't have written anything.  But this is more about the kind of person I believe your brother to be, and how I'm not interested in letting him get his political start without at least putting it out there that I don't think he has the best interests of his potential constituents in mind.

I'd love you to tell me one thing I wrote that could somehow be defined as "false."  It's a personal opinion, based on over a decade of knowing him.  I believe I'm still entitled to a personal opinion in this country.  And my opinion is that your brother is smarmy, disrespectful to women, and not interesting in anything but advancing his own career.  That's not the kind of person I want representing my friends and my hometown.

Glad you're reading the blog, though!  

And her (presumably final) response to me:

You are definitely entitled to your opinion. It just so happens, in this case, that your opinion is not rooted in fact. It's alright. These things happen.

We as a family learned long ago that people are going to say what they want to say. All we can do is keep our side of the street clean. That is what Matt has done, and that is why he has such a bright future ahead of him.

That's the last you'll hear from me. I'm not interested in discussing this further with you.

Well, sure.  People who don't have a leg to stand on never want to discuss things further.  It's the easiest way to claim the win in a debate.  I, for one, am still interested in knowing exactly what in my original post could be described as "false," but oh well.  If you know anyone from the Northwest Florida area, go ahead and ask them about the Gaetz Family's attempts to "keep [their] side of the street clean."  I'm more than certain you'll receive a few chuckles, mixed in with a few rants.

Really, I'm just laughing at this point.  This is a staunchly Republican area, and I definitely knew that a post on a robot blog wasn't exactly going to rock the vote.  But it is nice to see that a few people have read it, and that some even felt the need to respond.  Thanks for giving me legitimacy, Ms. Gaetz!

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Bruce Paine said...

The country is being run by pimps and whores. When the situation created to protect their relative wealth collapses into an inflation crunch they will have a hard time feeding themselves. When I catch them breaking into my granary I will hang them from maple trees lining the road and let the other vermin know what I think of their indolent lifestyles and soft, blueblooded hands. If we had handled it that way when the sub-prime bubble burst things would be much better than they are. God save the Republic, I am not sure I can fight for it anymore.