Thursday, April 15, 2010


It is truly weird to wake up at 7:45 and find that the Dodgers are still playing baseball on the other side of the world.  It is truly sad to lie in bed and watch the Dodgers tie the game in the bottom of the ninth, then leave the house while the game is still tied, only to confirm (while eating a croissant in a cafe) that they blew it and lost, 9-7.  It's even weirder that the Red Sox game was over by the time I went to sleep.  You might understand that I never really know what the hell day it is, or when any particular sporting event occurs.

The above paragraph might imply that I am sleeping at night while these games happen in my homeland.  But alas, this is just not so.  Because I can't sleep.  At least not at night.  Last night I was up until 3:00am, and though I did fall asleep then, I also probably woke up four times between then and the alarm at 7:45.  This is brutal, especially when you consider that yesterday I walked all over the damn place, and was ridiculously tired.  I couldn't help but fall asleep for an hour at 6pm, but it's absurd that a little nap like that might cost me an entire night's sleep.  And if it did, then I'm in trouble again tonight, because I couldn't keep my eyes open this afternoon and I just slept for two hours.

The point is, I'm tired.  Yesterday I visited Basilica di San Marco, the Rialto Bridge,  the Ponte dell'Accademia, Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute,  the Punte della Dogana, and probably more that I just can't think of right now.  I ate some delicious ravioli for lunch, and had gelato (again).  And I downloaded and watched the newest episode of Glee with Christine to cap off the day.  You might wonder if I took pictures.  Why, yes I did, but I am too lazy to deal with uploading right now, so that will be a treat for another day.

Today I went back to Piazza San Marco and visited the Palazzo Ducale di Venezia, which is a tour I just can't recommend.  The place is huge, and if you purchase the audio guide, you'll spend the first few minutes confused as to where you're supposed to go.  Then you'll finally find a room that matches up with what the guy on the guide is saying, and there will be no turning back.  It is a long tour.  And I don't know about you, but I can only handle craning my neck so many times to look at paintings of Neptune giving Venus the power over the Adriatic, or Jesus dying on the cross, or St. Mark doing something or other.  It was a dizzying morning trying to take all that in, so that by the time we (Christine's friend Deborah is in town visiting, so I've been doing all this touring with her while Christine works) finally got to something I'd heard of, the Bridge of Sighs, I didn't even really know I was there until it was over.

I also visited the Fortuny Museum today, which has quite the eclectic mix of exhibits.  There was a modern art exhibit, some sort of exhibit of old clothes and old paintings, and then a collection of samurai war garments.  I'd say the problem with this museum was the lack of explanation, particularly in the clothing part that apparently belonged to the Fortuny family or something.  I don't know, because there was barely a single placard explaining anything in the entire exhibit.  The samurai exhibition had a lot of explanation, but none that seemed to really answer the questions people would have (like, why does this guy have a crab as his ornamental headpiece, or why was this dude's hat so much bigger than anyone else's?).  I need a little more in my museum, if you please.  This was the same problem in a lot of the doge palace, though I won't complain about that because the damn thing already took so much time (I'd say we were in there for two hours or so) that the last thing I wanted was further explanation.

I'm writing more details about today because it's fresher in my mind, but yesterday was definitely the more productive day, simply because I liked most of what I saw and wasn't really disappointed in anything.  And today my disappointment only comes as a result of extremely high expectations, so life isn't all that bad.  I mean, I'm lying on a couch and typing my blog as a guy sings and plays an accordion on a gondola passing by my window.  And the Red Sox game is starting in fifteen minutes, which means I'll be able to watch it before I go to sleep (fingers crossed) tonight.  So what do I have to complain about, really?


Mr. Customer said...

A lot European museums do trend that way, as if to imply that you should already know how awesomely important the collection is. Crap, I've spent years studying that stuff and don't understand half of what I'm looking at. Don't sweat the culture density.

Orel said...

All that culture and all I want to know is what you thought of "Glee."

Erin said...

I understand, Orel. "Glee" was awesome. Brittany has become my favorite character on the show (well, perhaps second to Rachel), and her two best lines tonight are an example of why.

"There was a mouse in mine." (referring to her food at the restaurant)

And, of course: "Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?"

Brilliant. Also, I love me some Idina Menzel (the Vocal Adrenaline coach), even if she is evil on the show.

Last but not least, Jane Lynch didn't lost a step during the hiatus. The Sarah Palin joke was particularly priceless, as was her line about being "engorged with venom and triumph." The woman is a genius, without a doubt.