Saturday, April 10, 2010

Modern Technology

This is weird.  As I type, I am sitting in a Boeing 737, operated by Delta, that has just reached its cruising altitude.  And yet I am on the internet, talking to you people.  This is different from that time I "live blogged" my flight to Seattle, in that this is actually live.

The boys at Sons of Steve Garvey will be happy to know that I got to watch the video of "Deltalina" explaining the safety features of this particular plane.  However, since I have a pesky superstition that requires I never once look up during any safety demonstration on an airplane, I actually only really heard Deltalina give her spiel.  I looked up once to confirm it was her, then immediately went back to my pre-flight ritual of texting/making phone calls up until the last possible minute, making sure my seatbelt was fastened for about the tenth time, and in this case--a rarity indeed--attempting to stop myself from choking up and full-on bawling every few seconds.  If I spoke to Christine, I cried.  If I thought about getting on the airplane, I cried.  I cried before I left the house when I had to say goodbye to my dog, and I cried at the airport thinking about how I left her behind.  And, in case you're wondering, yes, I am a bit teary now.

But it's okay.  I'm heading back to New York for the first time since The Ellen DeGeneres Show took me to shoot some promos five years ago.  That was for 24 hours.  This will be for about four hours   (and of course I lived there for three years for college).  Doesn't leave much time for socialization.  But I have a friend who is flying from the states back to Berlin, and it turns out her flight takes off, on the same airline, ten minutes before mine.  So we will, in all likelihood, at least get to say hi for a few minutes before chasing each other across the Atlantic.

I've started "A Serious Man" on my own little TV screen here, so that should kill some time.  The next flight is twice as long as this one, so it should be interesting.  I'm still frightfully nervous, of course, but I'm making do.  The medication has definitely kicked in.  But if you feel the need to be sarcastic or mocking to a poor girl like me, save it for when I'm not several miles above terra firma.  I'm sensitive.

As long as the JFK terminal has wi-fi (and since I'm flying First Class and get access to the "Sky Club" or whatever, I think I'll be able to find a signal), I should be able to use to catch a few minutes of the Dodgers and Red Sox games.  That'll be nice.  I don't think the international portion of the flight will have wi-fi, which is rather unfortunate.

Anyway, I'll get back to you from JFK.

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Orel said...

You resisted the pull of Deltalina...impressive, most impressive.

Hope the rest of your journey is smooth. Drop by SoSG when you get up and running...we could use some cheering up after last night's game.