Thursday, April 15, 2010

Opening Day Shenanigans

This video is definitely NSFW:

Note the following:

1) Security tries to stop the guy from recording at the beginning of the video ("don't have that recording, please"), as if that is in any way something a Dodger Stadium security guy armed with a walkie talkie and pencil can actually enforce.  Thankfully, the guy behind the camera knows his rights.

2) The guy who gets shoved and kicked is not moving or in any way making a threatening gesture when the security guy shoves him through the door.  I don't care what the dude was saying at that point; the security guard has no standing here.  So he talked about your momma?  Suck it up, and escort him out.  The tendency to resort to physical violence because someone says something insulting should be a red flag for the Dodgers when it comes to hiring these guys.  It shouldn't be considered an asset in this line of work.

I don't like violence.  And I like it even less when it comes from those who are given some semblance of power, and then asked to use that power to protect the 56,000+ people at the stadium from the few bad eggs.  Maybe this guy in the video deserved to get thrown out of the game.  But based on what we see in the video, he didn't deserve to get shoved through the door.  And as far as I'm concerned, he was well within his rights to lift his arms and attempt to defend himself once he was physically attacked. 

Remember this?  Yeah, not exactly convincing me that we've worked on the problem here, Dodgers.  I realize that the fans tend to get violent, and if security is in the act of defending itself, that's one thing.  But people at baseball games, particularly drunk Dodger fans, are known for making some noise and hurling some insults.  If that's all they're doing, keep your hands to yourself.

So far, according to the LA Times, all we've gotten from Dodgers' spokesman (and friend of this blog) Josh Rawitch is that the Dodgers are aware of the video and are looking into it.  The evidence is pretty glaring, so I would think that the obvious course of action is to fire the main culprit in the video, and then perhaps to look into some more effective training for the security hired to patrol the stadium.


Roberto said...

I posted this video into my blog a couple of hours ago and I basically agree with you. I'm getting attacked on twitter and facebook who disagree with my stance.

Yeah, the guy most likely is a jerk! I'm not going to argue. But was it really necessary to shove him towards the gate?

By the way, glad you're blogging. Hopefully it's more often?

take care,


Bruce Paine said...

zzzzzzzzz. huh? What? Oh, this again. Glad everybody paid attention the first time and go.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz