Friday, April 30, 2010


You want to see a few Rome pictures? Sure you do.  Nothing is more fun than looking at other people's vacation photos.


I'm going to some place outside Florence this weekend.  I don't even officially know what the place is called yet, and I probably couldn't tell you even if I did.  It's a secret location.  Let's just say a friend of a friend is hooking us up with some sweet accommodations in the Tuscany countryside.  For free.  As Orel said recently in the comments section, sometimes life really is good.


Orel said...

No no, I said sometimes your life is really good. Just kidding! Have fun!

Bruce Paine said...

As you probably now know the floor of the Flavian Amphitheatre was wooden, it was simply covered in sand to soak up the blood (hence the word arena). They used to flood it with water and re-enact naval battles. It had a retractable roof and was designed in such a fashion that 60 thousand people could exit it safely in five minutes.