Thursday, May 06, 2010

Something From My Past

I was cleaning up my computer the other day when I ran across this beauty.  Five and a half years ago I decided to try to be a little (emphasis on "little") creative with my parents' 25th anniversary.  So I came up with this video.  I realize many of you do not know the people in the video (though you might recognize me a few times), but I think it's worth sticking with it until the end.  Or I suppose you could skip to 3:14 if you're that bored and/or you hate it that much.  And then stay for the cheesy credits for the one "outtake" I threw on the end.  I'll explain it after the video.  Oh, and if you like surprises, I'd suggest not reading anything below the video until you've watched the thing.

I was just going to get Ellen to sign a card, but then I thought, "Hell, I am, among other things, the 'B' camera operator for field shoots on this show. Why don't I get her on tape?"  So I did.  All I did was show her two pictures of my parents, tell her their names and what anniversary it was, and she was off.  You can occasionally see me in the mirror, holding the camera.  I'm actually surprised the shot is so steady, since I was rather nervous.  It's not like I hadn't talked to Ellen before, but there were about a dozen other people in the room, all watching this little moment.

I really miss being able to like Ellen.  I explained here why I can't like her (there's a little more to the story, but I'm not writing about it now), so go read it if you must.  I guess I take comfort in the fact that I have this one bit of proof that she could be a decent human being at times.

The "outtake" at the end actually happened when I first started shooting, which is why it ends with me handing Ellen the pictures.  Ellen knew about the one talent I have, which is to immediately tell you how many letters are in any word you give me.  This trick never failed to amaze and impress Ellen, which of course always made me proud.  Anyway, in the outtake she is getting her mom (Betty) to quiz me on a word.  Betty says, "constellation," and I say, "thirteen."  Then Ellen says, "ridiculous" and I say, "ten."  If you ever meet me in person, try this game with me.  It's fun.

After I shut off the camera, Ellen said, "I don't know why I said bastard.  Is that okay?  Do your parents curse?"

I said, "Like sailors."**

And Ellen said, "Oh, well then I should have said 'fucker.'"

**This is not true.  I must point this out because if I don't, it will be the first thing my mother mentions the next time we talk.  So, Mom, now my readers know that you don't actually have a potty mouth.  You're welcome.  Happy Mother's Day!


Orel said...


Orel said...

Seriously, it's a testament to your folks' youthful good looks that sometimes I couldn't tell kids from parents.

Oh, and you forgot the "Erin Produced by Mr. & Mrs. Wilson" credit.

Orel said...

Oh, and big points to Ellen for doing that.

Erin said...

My parents will be able to read that compliment, Orel. And how could I have missed the opportunity for that credit? Oh well. Maybe it'll go in the 50th anniversary video.

And yeah, I was amazed when Ellen actually agreed to do this. Very cool of her. But she did always like me, so I've got that going for me.

Kate said...

ERIN! HELP! The video isn't showing up. And I only had about 15 seconds of will power to not read what was underneath.

I'm knee deep in an email to you, but thought I'd attempt to catch you here and beg you to send the link to me.

That or I can just pretend I saw it and tell you it was amazing. Especially that one part.

I'm about to have to type "prensess" for word verification purposes. So hard to not type princess.