Saturday, August 28, 2010

Explore the Meaning of Life

Driving in Beaverton today, on my way to Dairy Queen (for my last Blizzard before I once again give up sugar for a while, which I originally did for Lent), I passed a billboard for something called "The Alpha Course." There was a picture of some mountain man kind of dude (the website tells me it was Bear Grylls), and this question: If God did exist, what you would ask?

I presume God has a pretty good view from wherever he is, so I think I'd just point down at Pakistani flood victims. And Prop 8 protestors. And the hole in the ozone layer. And the melting glaciers. And American soldiers in Afghanistan. And Glenn Beck.

Not a comprehensive list, but you get the picture. And if there is a God and he speaks English and lets me ask him a question, I won't hesitate. Because one Miss Sarah Silverman has given me the perfect line should I ever find myself meeting up with the Lord himself. Sure, she's talking about the craziness of Jewish people buying German cars, but the point remains the same.

God, what the cock is that shit?

Sarah Silverman - "Jewish People Driving German Cars"

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