Saturday, September 11, 2010

Go Rangers??

Mathematically speaking, the Dodgers and Red Sox are not yet out of the race. But let's be realistic. They're both done. The Red Sox have just been decimated by injuries all year, and it's hard to climb out of that hole. And the Dodgers have just sucked. So now I'll have to spend October doing nothing but rooting against the Yankees, or picking a temporary favorite team. I hate it when I spend the postseason doing that, but that's what happens when your teams blow it.

Is this what it feels like to be a Pittsburgh Pirates' fan? I guess the good news for me is that my teams at least waited until halfway (or more) through the season to show that they weren't going anywhere; in Pittsburgh, they have a pretty good idea by spring training. Or the season before.

I'm just trying to look on the bright side here.

In other news, Merritt and I had a day that I feel I should carefully document, lest I ever forget. But this isn't turning into a "mommy and me" blog. Don't worry.

This afternoon, there was a nap (for him), some bathroom cleaning (for me), and some dancing and hugging (for both of us). Seriously, the hugs were ridiculous. He snuggled up and even made the happy "mmm-mm" sound while he hugged me. And his dancing resembled head-banging more than anything else, but I got the point.

The kid and I fell even more in love in the last few hours. I didn't think it was possible, but it happened. I spent time just staring at him while he was happy and smiling, and I tried to memorize his face as best I could. It seemed like the right thing to do in those moments. I hear they grow up fast.

He likes to play in the bathroom cabinet. This morning we watched as he dumped all the makeup out on to the floor. Then he picked up the eyelash curler and stared at in his hand for a few seconds. And then he just threw it down on the floor, like he had about as much use for it as I do. Maybe it doesn't sound all that funny, but we couldn't breathe, we were laughing so hard.

My one concern is that his favorite toy seems to be tampons. Unused ones, of course. It's not that I'm worried that somehow this means the kid will turn out gay; I just think it's a little early for him to be starting his period.

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Wilson/Gideon said...

Oh just wait until he takes the tampons out and realizes they grow in water. The look on their faces is precious. : )