Friday, September 17, 2010


UPDATE: It's official.
From the Dodger press release that just came to my inbox:

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced today that former American League MVP Don Mattingly has been named the Dodger manager for the 2011 season and that Joe Torre has stepped aside from the position. Mattingly becomes the ninth manager in Los Angeles Dodger history and 27th in franchise history while Torre is expected to take time to determine his plans for 2011.

Mattingly probably had his soundbite ready for when he got the job in New York, but someone was kind enough to replace "New York Yankees" with "Los Angeles Dodgers."
“The opportunity to manage the Los Angeles Dodgers is truly an honor,” said Mattingly. “There are few organizations in the world with the history, tradition and track record of success as the Dodgers. I’m looking forward to continuing what I came here to accomplish with Joe and that’s to win a World Championship.”

Now I can go back to hating Joe Torre, since he was the man at the helm of that late-90s Yankees dynasty.

Don Mattingly to Replace Joe Torre

Of course, this just means another former Yankee in charge of the Dodgers, so I can't win for losing.

It just gets harder and harder to be a Dodger fan.

If you think I've broken my word about posting every day, you're wrong. You're just in the wrong place. Watching Oprah is up and running, and Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts was even kind enough to give me a plug on his Variety television blog.

And I promise -- if you think you could not be less interested in Oprah, my new site is exactly where you want to be. I'm not pulling any punches over there, and I think you all might enjoy it.

If not, tell your wives.

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