Friday, October 22, 2010

Suck It, Yankees

You know what baseball does to me, even in a season in which my two teams sucked it up and didn't reach the playoffs?

I'm sitting here choking back tears. Over the damn Rangers, for god's sake. The Rangers. As in the team previously owned--and still supported--by George W. Bush. The team that features Josh Hamilton, whose comeback story is sort of marred by the whole "born-again" aspect, not to mention the fact that it's hard to believe he would have gotten a second chance if he were a black or Hispanic player.

But they were underdogs.  And they beat the Yankees. I certainly thought they were done in game one, after they blew a five-run lead in the eighth inning. But they did it. And thank god, because I seriously would not have been able to handle another season in which the Yankees ended up in the World Series. And can you imagine how the media would wet themselves over a Giants/Yankees matchup? That would have been devastating.

In the National League, it's been hard for me to know who to root for, since the Giants are the Dodgers' natural rival, but the Phillies have been the ones to end the Dodgers' playoff run twice in the last three seasons. If it had been the Yankees versus either one of those teams, I doubt I would have watched a second of the World Series. But now that the Rangers are in it, the baseball season will continue for me for just a little bit longer.

Crap. Except Josh Hamilton just started his ALCS MVP acceptance speech by saying, "First of all, all the glory goes to god and Jesus Christ." And the crowd went wild.

Yep. Jesus loves baseball, dudes. I hear he was the MVP in the inaugural All-Star game between the Jews and the Romans, way back in 33 A.D.

Which means Josh Hamilton had better be careful, because you know how well Pontius Pilate took it when his team lost that game.

UPDATE: Something was messed up on this one when it was first posted, so some readers might not have seen the above picture. I swear it was part of the original post, though.

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Orel said...

I hear Pontius Pilate had great abs.