Saturday, May 04, 2013

It's Not Just You

Last night was awful. Not only did I have an incredibly stressful day of looking at houses in a ridiculously low-inventory sellers' market in which you have to make an offer $20,000 over list price 30 seconds after sensing the house has gone on the market or lose any chance at it forever, but I also had to deal with the Dodgers subjecting the fans to a torturous loss. The Dodgers had chances to score in basically every inning. And they managed one run. Then Oyster Pubes (credit to SoSG for the anagram) destroyed us with a walk-off home run in the ninth.

Oh, and we also likely lost Hanley Ramirez. Again. No big deal. At this point, we should really stop being surprised. This season has gotten hellish really, really quickly.

The Dodgers are a runner-stranding machine this season. They hit the double digits in that category in last night's loss. The last number I heard Vin mention was 13. Maybe it climbed higher than that. If you feel like you're constantly watching the Dodgers strand men on base, you're not wrong. Some stats at least sort of explain it: According to SI's latest Power Rankings (which has my Red Sox sitting on top, so there are some silver linings to this season for me), the Dodgers are second in the NL in OBP at .327, but 13th and 14th in home runs and average with RISP, respectively.

I'm not here to analyze these numbers. Someone with more statistical knowledge is probably already on top of that. I'm a huge fan of all the stats out there in baseball analysis today, for sure. But for now there's a pretty basic one that even the most anti-stat person would understand: We need to score runs. In the end, that's pretty much the only stat that matters. Score more runs than your opponent.

And not just because it would have been really great for us to back up Kershaw on what must have been a horribly difficult start for him to make after the death of his father. He pitched no-hit baseball into the sixth inning. He deserved better from the rest of his team. But it's not like he's not used to a lack of run support. His average for this season is 2.43, which puts him solidly in 104th position out of the 109 pitchers listed in these expanded ESPN stats.

It's not just for Kershaw, though. The Dodgers have the second-lowest run total in the majors so far this year. So, like I said: We need to score some runs.

They are hard to watch. But that doesn't mean we stop watching, right? We soldier on. Because this is our team.

My wife and I have already made offers on two houses. We have lost them both. The first house was only sort of ideal for us. Not enough rooms, not the perfect location, but doable. The second one was perfect. But someone better keeps coming along and snatching up what we were so confident was ours. The Dodgers -- certainly the fans -- thought the 2013 season was ours. But someone better just keeps coming along and getting the wins.

Of course, that analogy falls apart when you consider that the reason we keep losing these houses is that someone with more money comes in and takes them from us. And who has more money than the Dodgers right now? Certainly not anyone who's beaten us thus far.

So let's try this one: My wife just had to walk out of the living room because our son is climbing all over her and driving her crazy, ignoring the concept of "personal space." So she took a break for a second. The Dodgers are our three-year-old. Adorable, sure. Beyond frustrating at times. But often entertaining and endearing even in that frustration. And always ours. Always lovable and deserving of our protection and support.

Matt Kemp will break out of his slump. Injuries will heal. We're still only 3.5 games out of first. All hope is not lost. This is what I have to keep telling myself during every game. So now we keep our fingers crossed that Matt Magill's first start wasn't a fluke. Because he's going again tonight. And I really, really want to shut up those obnoxious SF fans.

Oh, and you still have one day and a few hours to buy your own "Deuces Are Wild" shirt. So go and get yours now.

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Dusty Baker's Toothpick said...

Well said. Our team is sucking oyster pubes right now but things will come together. There's too much talent for this ineptitude to go on. At least that's what I keep telling myself so I can sleep at night