Wednesday, May 15, 2013

They're Here!

My two t-shirts from the campaign arrived today. To say that I'm giddy would be a major understatement. The shirts look so good. Totally impressed with Teespring and their whole process.

My only problem is that one of the two shirts arrived with a dime-sized grease stain above the "S." I think it will come out, and so the shirt is literally in the washer as I speak. Which is the only reason you're not currently seeing a picture. Teespring was kind enough to refund the purchase cost to me. In a couple of hours (I have to air-dry it; I'm not willing to set the stain by putting it in the dryer) I'll be able to throw it on and bask in its beauty.

Anyone else get theirs today? It's so exciting that they're finally real!


Linkmeister said...

So how many pictures of happy wearers have you gotten so far? Besides me, I mean. ;)

Erin said...

Only about four so far. I'm crazy busy with work, but I'll be writing a post and putting up some pictures very soon.